Why Kaplan Schweser CAIA exam prep?

Why Kaplan Schweser CAIA exam prep?

95% of Schweser CAIA students would confidently recommend Kaplan Schweser exam prep to future candidates like you. Our world-class instructors are all CAIA charterholders with years of teaching and industry credentials. Schweser’s Pass Protection guarantees you’ll pass, or we’ll cover the costs of your study package next time around.

What is the CAIA Level I exam?

The CAIA Level I exam is a rigorous test comprised of 200 multiple-choice questions measuring your knowledge of the curriculum. It is essential that you not only have a solid understanding of the CAIA curriculum, but that you are able to apply your knowledge and answer questions quickly and accurately in the 4-hour time frame you are given.

How do I earn the CAIA ® charter?

How do I earn the CAIA ® Charter? To earn the CAIA Charter, you must take and pass the Level I and Level II CAIA exams.

Is CAIA ® harder than CFA ®?

Is CAIA ® harder than CFA ®? The CFA exam is harder according to both student surveys and official pass rates. Only 43% of CFA test takers pass Level 1, with 47% passing Level 2 and 54% passing Level 3, whereas for CAIA, pass rates are higher for both Level 1 (52%) and Level 2 (65%).