How many hotels does Aitken Spence have?

How many hotels does Aitken Spence have?

22 hotels
ABOUT AITKEN SPENCE HOTELS Aitken Spence Hotels operates a chain of 22 hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka, India, Oman, and the Maldives under two premier brands: Heritance Hotels and Resorts and Adaaran Resorts and Spa.

Who is the owner Kandalama Hotel?

The current chairman of Aitken Spence is Harry Jayawardena.

Who is the owner of Heritance Kandalama?

Belonging to Aitken Spence Hotels, Heritance Hotels and Resorts is part of the chain of twenty two hotels and resorts that are scattered across South Asia and the Middle East, in Sri Lanka, India, the Maldives, and Oman.

When was Kandalama hotel built?

History: The hotel was constructed between the years 1992-1995 on the outskirts of an area known as Dambulla, thought to be inhabited from as early as the 7th to 3rd century BC.

How many rooms does Kandalama Hotel have?

152 rooms
The Heritance Kandalama has 152 rooms divided into 8 categories along with 15 suites located in the Sigiriya and Dambulla wings.

Who is the architecture of Kandalama Hotel?

architect Geoffrey Bawa
Tropical jungles, calm waters and the mountain rock countryside of Kandalama offer the eco-friendly visitor natural absolute luxury. The Kandalama Hotel was designed from 1991 – 1994 by architect Geoffrey Bawa.

Who designed Kandalama?

Who is the owner of Odel?

Softlogic HoldingsOdel / Parent organization

What does Aitken Spence PLC stand for?

Aitken Spence PLC (Sinhala: එයිට්කින් ස්පෙන්ස්; Tamil: எய்ட்கின் ஸ்பென்ஸ்) is a Sri Lankan blue chip conglomerate with operations in South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific. Listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange since 1983, it has major interests in hotels, travel, maritime services and logistics.

How many hotels does Aitken Spence own?

Aitken Spence operates a chain of 21 hotels and resorts in four countries: Sri Lanka, Maldives, India and Oman. Currently it has the largest hotel room inventory owned by a Sri Lankan resort company with a room inventory of over 2600 rooms of capacity.

Who is Aitken Spence Travels?

In 2004, Aitken Spence Travels partnered with TUI Group of Germany to form a joint venture that is the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world. Aitken Spence was the first Sri Lankan resort operator to embark on overseas resort operations having acquired Bathala Island Resort of Maldives in 1993.

Why choose Aitken Spence Logistics?

The container services arm of Aitken Spence Logistics that processes a container every two minutes is the first company in Sri Lanka to operate its own container depot (first at Mattakkuliya in 1979 and shifted to Mabole in 1989). In addition, Aitken Spence also runs a Lloyd’s approved facility for container modification and repair services.