Why did Pink Floyd name their album dark side of the moon?

Why did Pink Floyd name their album dark side of the moon?

From the beginning, the band had intended to call their new album Dark Side of the Moon — a reference to lunacy, as opposed to outer space — but when British heavy blues rockers Medicine Head released an album of the same name in 1972, it caused the Floyd to rechristen their project as Eclipse.

How old were Pink Floyd when they made dark side of the moon?

Waters has said the words for “Time” came from a eureka moment he experienced as he approached the age of 30 and Floyd were putting together Dark Side.

Are there any pictures of the far side of the Moon?

On October 7, 1959, the Soviet probe Luna 3 took the first photographs of the lunar far side, eighteen of them resolvable, covering one-third of the surface invisible from the Earth.

Did Pink Floyd record House of the Rising Sun?

Valentine and John Steel recorded a couple of albums with some other musicians under the name Animals 2, including House of the Rising Sun. I do not believe these are the same recordings on the cd I am reviewing.

What are the best Pink Floyd songs?

“Us and Them,” the airy, relaxed centerpiece of The Dark Side of the Moon, is one of the best examples of Pink Floyd’s delicate touch and use of space, with a slow, gentle chord progression swirling atop a bass-pedal tone.

Which side of the Moon did Pink Floyd sing about?

While the themes found in The Wall are extremely powerful, they don’t carry the universal and eternal weight of those found in Dark Side of the Moon. Finally, The Dark Side of the Moon was Pink Floyd’s most balanced album in regards to the usage of each member’s talents. The Wall was, for the most part, a product of Roger Waters.

What does Pink Floyd mean?

the plot summary laid out by thewallanalysis.com, a website devoted to offering an interpretive lens to every single track of the wall, follows the life of a person named pink floyd — bereaved of his father during world war ii, consequently subjected to an over-protective mother and other emotional turmoil, to finally becoming an isolated rock …