Who owns sleepwell?

Who owns sleepwell?

Sheela Gautam
Sheela Gautam (15 November 1931 – 8 June 2019) was an Indian billionaire politician and businesswoman. She was the founder and owner of Sheela Foam Limited, run by her son Rahul Gautam, which sells mattresses under the Sleepwell brand among others….

Sheela Gautam
Website sleepwellproducts.com

Which is the best bed for sleeping?

Summary of the 10 best Mattress Brands in India in 2021

S No. Product Name Price (in INR)
1 Sunday Ortho Latex Mattress 22,999
2 The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress 21,978
3 Sleepwell SleepX Ortho Memory Foam Mattress 11,589
4 Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress 12,199

Is Sleepwell a good brand?

Kurlon and Sleepwell are both such type of brands. Most of the products of both Kurlon and Sleepwell are of good quality. Customers do not have major customer support issues. The prices of the products are also reasonable.