Who was Gail Platts dad Ted?

Who was Gail Platts dad Ted?

Michael Byrne
Ted, who was played by Michael Byrne, appeared between 2008 and 2010, and viewers may remember he gave Gail away at her wedding to Joe McIntyre in 2010. He hasn’t appeared on screen since. Away from Corrie, Michael, who played him, known for his roles in the National Theatre and Hollywood films.

Who plays Gail’s dad in Corrie?

actor Michael Byrne
Ted was introduced into the show almost eight years later in Episode 6806 which aired on 28th April 2008. Veteran film and television actor Michael Byrne was cast in the role. Byrne appeared in the role on a semi-regular basis, with Ted normally absent for long periods of time.

Who was Ted on Corrie?

Duggie Brown
During all the commotion on-screen fans took to social media to chat about where they recognised the actor who plays Ted from. Duggie Brown took o the brief role in the ITV soap and the 81-year-old is best known for appearing on Granada Television’s popular series The Comedians. But he’s also appeared in Corrie before.

Who is SEBS dad in Coronation Street?

Seb’s dad Tez will be portrayed by actor Stephen Lord. Soap fans will best recognise him for previously playing Jase Dyer who starred in BBC One’s Eastenders back in 2007. He was Jay Brown’s (Jamie Borthwick) dad who was beaten to death by gang leader Terry Bates (Nicholas Ball).

Who was David Platts dad?

Martin PlattDavid Platt / Father

Martin Platt is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street, portrayed by Sean Wilson. His major storylines were a relationship with Gail Tilsley (Helen Worth) following the death of her husband Brian (Christopher Quinten) and the birth of their child David (Jack P.

Who plays Cora’s father in Coronation Street?

Who plays Corey’s dad Stefan Brent in Coronation Street? Stefan is portrayed by actor Paul Opacic.

Is duggie Brown in Coronation St?

Who plays Ted in Coronation Street? Ted is played by former stand up comedian Duggie Brown, 81. Fans were quick to recognise him as the famous comic, who is best known for appearing on The Comedians.

Who played old man in Coronation Street?

David Barlow was played by Alan Rothwell for a period of eight years between 1960 and 1968. David was born on 4 July 1942 in Weatherfield, Lancashire….

David Barlow
Coronation Street character
First appearance Episode 1 9 December 1960
Last appearance Episode 764 10 April 1968
Created by Tony Warren

What has SEBS dad been in before?

The 49-year-old played Jase Dyer in the BBC One soap from 2007 to 2008, the father of Jay Brown. Stephen, from Salford, went on to appear as Dominic Meak in the Channel 4 comedy drama series, Shameless, between 2012 and 2013 as well as in Marcella and New Blood.

Who is David’s dad in Coronation Street?

Martin PlattDavid Platt / Father

Is Paula Lane in Father Brown?

Paula Lane (born 17 April 1986) is an English actress. She is known for portraying the role of Kylie Platt in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street from 2010 to 2016….Filmography.

Year 2022
Title Father Brown
Role Emily Harris
Notes Series 9