How can I join Madurai HCL?

How can I join Madurai HCL?

HCL First Careers Madurai Admission

  1. Candidates are required to fill the application form available on official website of the institute.
  2. For admission to HCL’s TechBee, candidates must have a valid HCL SAT score, followed by a Personal Interview (PI)

What is the interview process in HCL?

The Interview Process is the last stage of HCL Selection Process and is divided into Technical and HR Interviews.To clear the HCL Placement Interviews,go through these link for topics and questions to prepare. During this round, you may be asked to write down certain programming codes or some puzzles.

What do you know about HCL company?

HCL Technologies is an Indian multinational information technology (IT) services and consulting company headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India….HCL Technologies.

HCL Technologies campus in Noida
Founded 11 August 1976
Founder Shiv Nadar
Headquarters Noida, Uttar Pradesh , India
Area served Worldwide

Is HCL interview easy?

The HCL Interview process is easy if you’re well prepared. The whole process for hiring in HCL takes about a week generally; however, sometimes the process may go on for longer. The first round is an aptitude test which is easy. The shortlisted candidates are then selected for a group discussion round.

What is paid training in HCL?

The 6-month program includes 3 months of virtual Extensive Classroom Training and 3 months of Professional Practise Term with opportunities to work on live global projects across HCL’s campuses. HCL invests significantly in this training program to make candidates job ready and thus this is a paid training program.

How is the Madurai development center of HCL Technologies?

HCL Technologies continues to develop Technology hubs in Tier II Cities thereby creating opportunities for local talent. Towards this, HCL started its development center in Madurai in 2016 and in the last four years the center has grown strength by strength basking in the glory of 4000 Ideapreneurs today.

Is HCL Technologies a good company to work for?

HCL Technologies is an Indian company having branches in different countries. This IR based company have different domains and render their service to numerous customers for many years. This firm can be rated as good. Was this review helpful? HCL is the good environment for working as a IT employees.

What is the contribution of HCl in India?

HCL has been widely recognized for its contributions to India’s business and societal goals. In 1994, with a mission to develop global leaders in India through focused philanthropy, Shiv Nadar established the Shiv Nadar Foundation.

How do I submit information to HCL Technologies?

By providing your contact information and clicking ‘submit’, you authorize HCL Technologies to store your contact details and contact you with information on case studies, whitepapers, events, webinars, newsletters, announcements and other relevant updates.