Who are the PA judges?

Who are the PA judges?

Active judges

Judge Party Law
Vic Stabile Republican Party Pennsylvania State University, 1982
Alice B. Dubow Democratic Party University of Pennsylvania, 1984
Carolyn H. Nichols Democratic Party Temple University School of Law, 1985
Deborah A. Kunselman Democratic Party University of Notre Dame, 1992

What is the name of the court system for Bucks County?

Court of Common Pleas of
The Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County, a class 2A county, is the 7th Judicial District of Pennsylvania. First established in 1683, it hears all Criminal, Civil, Family, and Orphan’s (Probate) matters. The Court consists of 15 judges, and is located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

How many county judges are in Pennsylvania?

There are 60 judicial districts, 53 of which comprise only one of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, and seven comprising two counties. Each district has from one to 93 judges.

How much do district judges make in PA?

The annual salary of a magisterial district judge shall be $98,565.

How many federal judges are in Pennsylvania?

There are three federal district courts in Pennsylvania….Active judges.

Judge Gene Pratter
Appointed By George W. Bush (R)
Assumed Office June 16, 2004 –
Bachelors Stanford, 1971
Law University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1975

How much does a magisterial district judge make in PA?

The annual salary of a magisterial district judge shall be $93,338.

How long is a judge’s term in PA?

For the Supreme Court, Superior Court, Commonwealth Court, and Court of Common Pleas, there is a 10-year term. For magisterial district courts and municipal courts, judges serve a 6-year term.

Are Bucks County courts open?

The Court Street doors are open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Anyone entering the Administration Building must pass through security.

Who is the chief justice of Pennsylvania?

Chief Justice Max Baer
Chief Justice Max Baer | Supreme Court Justices | Supreme Court | Courts | Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania.

How many judges are on the PA Superior Court?

Superior Court of Pennsylvania
Judge term length 10 years
Number of positions 15
Website Pennsylvania Courts
President Judge

How many cases do the Bucks County courts handle annually?

130,000 cases
The Bucks County district courts handle approximately 130,000 cases annually, receipt approximately $16 million and process approximately 10,000 criminal cases annually.

How many judicial districts serve more than 1 county in PA?

The Courts of Common Pleas are the general trial courts of Pennsylvania. They are organized into 60 judicial districts. Most districts follow the geographic boundaries of counties, but seven of the districts are comprised of two counties.

Where are the MDJs in Bucks County?

Located in Bristol, Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Magisterial District Court 07-1-03 is one of many magisterial courts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. There are 18 Magisterial District Courts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Judge Kevin P. Wagner’s court handles matters arising in Bristol Borough.

Who are the judges in Pennsylvania?

Not in photo: Judge Jeffrey P. Minehart, Judge John J. Foradora, Judge Jazelle Jones. Current and Historical List of Judges. The Court of Judicial Discipline of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Judicial Center 601 Commonwealth Avenue Suite 5500 P.O. Box 62595 Harrisburg, PA 17106-2595 p: 717-772-3771 f: 717-772-3774 . Joseph U

What county is Bucks PA in?

Tucked neatly within Philadelphia’s Countryside amidst rolling hillsides, working farms and picturesque towns, the 622 square mile area of Bucks County is a particularly inviting place. Visitors in search of historical or artistic treasures, charming accommodations, and eclectic shops will find that Bucks County offers it all and is conveniently located 25 miles from Philadelphia and 75 miles from New York City.

Who is the Sheriff of Bucks County?

The facility boasts of about 875 bookings yearly from all of Bucks County. It is supervised by 126 staff members under the governorship of the Bucks County Pennsylvania Sherriff, Milt Warrell. Prisoners housed here have either been condemned for a crime or are presently in the pre-preliminary stage. Incorrect information? Suggest an edit!