Who are the hip group?

Who are the hip group?

The HIP Group was formed to bring together a community of like minded people with a common focus of wanting to prosper in all areas of their lives.

What happened to HIP group?

NZX-listed hospitality group Savor has acquired Amano owner Hipgroup and its portfolio of eateries for $11 million. Savor made the announcement to the NZX this morning, saying it would raise new equity capital of $6 million to fund part of the transaction.

Who owns Amano Auckland?

Founder and CEO Jackie Grant said they were planning to open Amano as a grocer under level 3, offering take-home meals, pastas and bakery items using online ordering and pick-up or contactless delivery. Amano is an award-winning Italian restaurant located in Britomart Precinct.

Who owns Savour group?

Lucien Law
Lucien Law is the founder of Savor Group, whose establishments include Ostro, Ebisu, Fukuko, Tommy’s Champagne Parlour and Seven at Britomart. He also owns Ponsonby’s Azabu, Parnell’s Non Solo Pizza, and started up a new food operation at the Auckland Fish Market last year.

Who owns Kohi Cafe?

Fourteen years ago though, Hip Group was just a neighbourhood nipper, a humble sum of one called Café on Kohi. The dream then is the same now; “to create really great service in a casual café environment”, says co-founder Jackie Grant.

Who owns Alma Restaurant Auckland?

Jackie Grant
Borne from a trip to Andalusia undertaken two years ago by the company’s founder and CEO Jackie Grant, COO and Executive Chef Jo Pearson and General Manager Natasha Parkinson, the founding of Alma has been a welcome opportunity for their offering to expand and for the team to explore a new cuisine, Parkinson tells me.

When did Amano open?

Co-founders Jackie and Scott Brown opened their first cafe in 2004, and have since dedicated themselves to elevating Auckland’s food culture, one provenance-focused eatery at a time.

Who owns Takapuna cafe?

James Bryant
James Bryant knows a thing or two about operating a café. He’s the owner of Takapuna institution, Takapuna Beach Cafe, and the newly opened Piccolo, situated in the Department Store in Northcroft Street, the site that has recently become the Amaia Living (apartments) display suite.

Is kohimarama East Auckland?

Kohimarama is a coastal residential Auckland suburb, located to the east of the city, with many homes having some of the best views across the Auckland Harbour.

Who owns Alma?

Alex Roberts, chef/owner of Restaurant Alma. Restaurant Alma served its first dinner on Nov. 4, 1999. It’s a significant date in Minnesota culinary history, because in the intervening years, Alma (the name is the Spanish word for “soul”) has grown into one of the region’s top-rated restaurants.

Who owns Kohi Beach eatery?

The Hip Group owns Takapuna Beach Cafe & Store, Ortolana, St Heliers Bistro & Cafe, Kohi Corner, Milse, Rosie Cafe, Matua Road Farm, Provenance Eatery & Store, Richmond Road Cafe, The Store at Britomart and Waihi Beach Hotel Eatery and Store.

Can you swim at Kohimarama?

The name comes from the Maori language and means “gathering of light”. It’s longs sandy beach is home to New Zealand’s largest weekly open waters swimming event, The Summer Swim Series. The area is also very popular for water sports and boating.

What is New Zealand hip hop?

New Zealand Hip Hop derives from the wider hip hop cultural movement originating amongst African Americans in the United States. Like the parent movement, New Zealand hip hop consists of four parts: rapping, DJing, graffiti art and breakdancing.

What does the acquisition of hipgroup mean for NZME?

The acquisition of Hipgroup and its venues Ortolana, The Store and Amano, comes in the form of a cash payment of $7.15m, $1m of ordinary shares, and a deferred cash payment of $2.85m to be paid 12 months from completion. Savor said the acquired venues would contribute to an additional $3m in operating earnings for the group. Advertise with NZME.

How did Samoan hip hop start in Wellington?

Nearly three decades of Samoan involvement in street dance and rap music influenced the scene in other cities, including Wellington. With two other New Zealanders, Kosmo started the hip hop group called “The Mau”. The name represents Samoan independence.

What is New Zealand rap like?

New Zealand rap has come a long way since it was first adopted from the U.S. in the 1980s. There has most definitely been quite the amalgamation of styles, what with the original U.S. hip-hop flavourings that have been mixed with Polynesian and Maori vibes.