What is a Datura plant?

What is a Datura plant?

Datura is a bushy, erect annual herb that usually grows to a height of 2-5 ft. The plant has a foul stench and is widely found growing naturally in clayey-loamy soils found in fallow fields, croplands, old feedlots, waste areas, nearby construction sites, deserted vacant places, and even in waste areas.

What is kanakasavam Datura?

Also known as Kanakasavam, this formulation contains purified Datura that is mainly aimed at the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases.

Who should not take Datura?

Datura is considered to be extremely lethal and poisonous for people having the following conditions: 1 Increased heartbeat 2 Glaucoma 3 Patients having pacemaker 4 Elevated intraocular pressure 5 Pregnant women and lactating mothers More

What are the side effects of overdosing on Datura?

An overdosage or use of impurified Datura can lead to the following health conditions: 1 Hallucination and intoxication 2 Fever 3 Vertigo 4 Restlessness 5 Dry mouth 6 Heart palpitation 7 Muscle stiffness 8 Urticaria 9 Allergic reactions 10 Increased heart rate 11 Increase in Intraocular pressure