Where is shrine of Talos in Whiterun?

Where is shrine of Talos in Whiterun?

The Shrine of Talos is located in a small mountain alcove east of the city of Whiterun, near Shimmermist Cave.

Who do I give the Amulet of Talos to in Skyrim?

Return to Grace is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must return an Amulet of Talos to Greta, worn by her executed brother Roggvir.

Should you activate shrine of Talos?

Activating the shrine confers the Blessing of Talos for a duration of eight hours. Reduces cool-down time between shouts by 20%. Cures all diseases (except late active stages of vampirism/lycanthropy).

How do I get to the shrine of Talos in Skyrim?

Location: In Whiterun’s Wind District, at the bottom of the stairs leading up to Dragonsreach. Heimskr can be seen preaching in front of the shrine. Jorrvaskr, the mead hall of the Companions, Gildergreen tree, Temple of Kynareth, House Gray-Mane, and Hall of the Dead are all relatively close by.

Why can’t I get rid of my Amulet of Talos?

If the amulet is taken from Roggvir’s corpse after his execution in Solitude it will become listed as a quest item, and cannot be dropped. Any other Amulets of Talos picked up will also be quest items and will stay in the inventory permanently (until the quest has been completed).

Can you free Roggvir?

Wizymon wrote: Roggvir is scipted to die so even if one saves him from the execution, he will still die. This is incorrect. It is entirely possible to save him. So far, the only way I can do is through console command, spawn him inside his sister Greta house (Addvar house).

What does the blessing of Talos do?

Blessing effects Activating the shrine confers the Blessing of Talos for a duration of eight hours. Reduces cool-down time between shouts by 20%.

Why is my Amulet of Talos a quest item?

Do people still worship Talos in Skyrim?

The plethora of offerings at the shrines outside of the cities in Skyrim implies that many people are still worshipping Talos, but taking precautions so as to not be caught by Thalmor Justiciars. Random encounter locations are near several of the shrines.

What do you give Talos in Skyrim?

These shrines often contain offerings to Talos including medium level weapons and armors most often Imperial gear, steel or steel plate. It can be beneficial for a low-level character to seek out these shrines, taking the offerings for better armor and weapons or to make some gold.

What happens to heimskr after the Stormcloaks take Whiterun?

His house will be destroyed during the battle; in the aftermath, he will reside in a small tent next to the shrine of Talos, or he can be jailed if the Legion wins the battle. Should the Stormcloaks take over Whiterun, Jarl Vignar Gray-Mane mentions building a temple of Talos in Whiterun, and making Heimskr the high priest.

Where can I find heimskr in Whiterun?

“Trust in me, Whiterun! Trust in Heimskr! For I am the chosen of Talos! I alone have been anointed by the Ninth to spread his holy word!” During the day, Heimskr can be found under the statue of Talos giving a passionate sermon to the passing townsfolk: Talos the mighty! Talos the unerring! Talos the unassailable! To you we give praise!