Is RCA A good brand for tablets?

Is RCA A good brand for tablets?

To start off with the good, this tablet is fast and the Lollipop Google software is great. For those who are unfamiliar with Android, it has all of the ease of use expected from a tablet operating system. All of the HDMI, USB, and Micro SD make it simple to store, save, and display data.

Who makes the RCA tablet?

Alco Electronics
But Alco Electronics, which makes inexpensive tablets under the RCA brand, isn’t worried. At CES today, it showed how it’s expanding its lineup of cheap tablets to include Windows laptops and 2-in-1s, and how it’s bringing stock Android Marshmallow to very low price points.

How much money is a RCA tablet?

A quintessential bottom-of-the-barrel tablet with barebones features, the simple 7-inch RCA Voyager III is sold exclusively through Wal-Mart for only $50….RCA Voyager III specs.

Display size/resolution 7-inch, 1,024×600 touch display
Operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow

How do I update my RCA Android tablet?

You will need to use the RCA website: and pick your model from the drop down menu and then look for any desired updates from RCA. You can also open up Settings on your device and look for any updates being offered.

Is RCA American made?

RCA is an American multinational trademark brand owned by French multinational corporation Technicolor SA, which is used on products made by that company as well as Sony Music Entertainment, Voxx International and ON Corporation. ‘RCA’ is an abbreviation for the Radio Corporation of America, founded in 1919.

Is RCA still a company?

Today, RCA exists as a brand name only; the various RCA trademarks are currently owned by Sony Music Entertainment and Technicolor, which in turn license the RCA brand name and trademarks to several other companies, including Voxx International, Curtis International, AVC Multimedia, TCL Corporation and Express LUCK …

What operating system is RCA tablet?

Android operating system
RCA tablets use the Android operating system (OS). Tablets with this OS tablets have access to the Google Play Store and usually come with pre-installed Google apps such as Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Maps, YouTube, and several others.

Can I upgrade RCA tablet?

Can I Upgrade Android Version On My Tablet? You can update your settings by tapping on the “update” option in the settings menu. If your tablet is equipped with a recent OS version, it will be checked with its manufacturer to see if it supports it.