When did the USAF leave Burtonwood?

When did the USAF leave Burtonwood?

Major USAF use of Burtonwood ended in April 1959 when the flightline was closed although some use of the runway was made by gliders of the RAF Air Training Corps. For several years the facility fell into disuse and the USAF returned the station to the Ministry of Defence in 1965.

When did RAF Burtonwood close?

The base was home to 18,000 American servicemen at the end of the war. In 1946 the base was transferred back to the United Kingdom however United States operations continued. The base officially closed in 1991 and since then the runway and most of the associated buildings have been demolished.

Did Memphis Belle fly from Burtonwood?

Over 15,000 aircraft spent time at Burtonwood, including the famous Memphis Belle, but no aircraft ever took off from Burtonwood to attack enemy targets. Janice also says the arrival of the Americans had a huge social impact on the town.

How many planes were built at Burtonwood?

During the Second World war 4,243 iconic B17 Flying Fortress planes were made ready for battle at Burtonwood along with 43,381 P47 Thunderbolt aircraft passing through the Base . In 1948/49 Burtonwood was again instrumental in supplying the Berlin Air Lift.

What is the history of RAF Burtonwood?

BASE HISTORY. RAF Burtonwood was the largest military airbase in the UK during World War Two and was responsible for the handling of over 15,000 aircraft of the United States 8th 9th 12th and 15th Air Forces, covering the geographical are of the UK, Europe, Mediterranean and the Middle East. In addition to the 18,500 US servicemen…

What happened to Burtonwood Air Force base?

It housed and overhauled US aircraft taking part in the Berlin Air Lift. American Operational Flying ceased in 1959, although the RAF used Burtonwood as a V Bomber scatter airfield until 1966. The base was taken over by the US Army in 1967 as a storage base for war supplies in case war broke out in Europe.

How many US soldiers were stationed at Burtonwood?

At it’s height there were 18500 US personnel stationed at Burtonwood. Royal Air Force Burtonwood (or RAF Burtonwood) was a former Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Forces base that was located in Burtonwood, 2 miles (3.2 km) Northwest of Warrington in Lancashire, England.