Is Kevin a French name?

Is Kevin a French name?

Then suddenly one name dominates every region of mainland France: Kévin. Some 14,087 bébé Kévins came into the world in France in the year 1991. It has to be said the name Kévin wasn’t totally unknown in France before this point, the Irish saint Kévin influenced a few namesakes mainly in Brittany.

Is Kevin a Bible name?

Kevin is baby boy name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Gaelic. Kevin name meanings is Fair and gentle. People search this name as Kevin mean in bible, Name meaning for kevin, Kevin and biblical name, Kevin in swedish, How to pronouse kevin, How to say kevin in finnish.

What is the Spanish equivalent of Kevin?


Principal Translations
Inglés Español
Kevin n (male given name) Kevin n propio m Siempre comienza con mayúscula, y a menudo se le encuentra sin artículo, pero cuando lo lleva, debe ser un artículo masculino (el, un).

Is Kevin an Italian name?

Kevin (/ˈkɛvɪn/) is the anglicized form of the Irish masculine given name Caoimhín (Modern Irish: [ˈkiːvʲiːnʲ]; Middle Irish: Caoimhghín [ˈkəiṽʲʝiːnʲ]; Old Irish: Cóemgein [ˈkoiṽʲɣʲinʲ]; Latinized as Coemgenus). It is composed of caomh “dear; noble”; Old Irish cóem and -gin (“birth”; Old Irish gein).

What does Kevin mean in German?

For example, the name Kevin (an anglicised name of Irish origin), given to a German child, indicates to German teachers that such a student is prone to attention-seeking behaviour, as well as lower scholastic performance, and is also indicative of a lower socioeconomic status.

What is the nickname for Kevin?

Originally Answered: What kind of nicknames would I be given if my name is Kevin? Kev is the one I’m most familiar with, but Vin, Vinnie, and even Ken can be used.

Is the name Kevin popular?

According to government records, Kevin was the 89th most popular male baby name in the United States in 2016—behind names like Wyatt, Hudson, and Colton.

What is Kevin in Japanese?

Japanese translation: ケビン

English term or phrase: Kevin
Japanese translation: ケビン
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What is a nickname for Kevin?

perhaps Kevin, would almost certainly be shortened to “Kev” or “Kevvy”. A more modern nickname would be “Vin” or “Vinny”, or perhaps even taking from the filmstar, “Diesel”? A person’s nickname in Australia is so often , much much more about the person, their life or antics, rather than just their name.

What is a good nickname for Kevin?

perhaps Kevin, would almost certainly be shortened to “Kev” or “Kevvy”. A more modern nickname would be “Vin” or “Vinny”, or perhaps even taking from the filmstar, “Diesel”?

Is Kevin an American name?

At the nexus of globalism, status markers, and the Simmel effect, we find the case of “Kevin.” Originally Anglicized from an Irish name, Kevin is best-known today as American. In the Rolodex of names, like Jason, made popular by American media, Kevin has become uniquely reviled.

What is another name for Kevin in other languages?

A variant of Kevin in other languages is Caoimhin (Irish). See also the related forms, Jevin (English) and Tevin. See also the related categories, fair (holy), gentle (quiet), element, celtic, anglicized, german, and irish.

What is the origin of the Irish name Kevin?

The name was borne by the 7th century Saint Kevin of Glendalough, the patron saint of Dublin. The name Caoimhe (English, Irish, and Scottish) is the female version of Kevin.

What is the meaning of keV in?

[ 2 syll. ke-vin, kev-in ] The baby boy name Kevin is pronounced as KEHV-ihN (English) †. Kevin is used predominantly in the English, Gaelic, German, and Irish languages, and its origin is Celtic. It is derived from the elements ‘caomh’ meaning fair, comely, gentle ; ‘coim’ kind, gentle.

How common is the name Kevin?

Kevin is popular as a baby name for boys. The name’s popularity rose from the 1920s up to the 1960s. At the peak of its usage in 1965, 1.487% of baby boys were given the name Kevin.