What was the goal of the Hull-House?

What was the goal of the Hull-House?

Hull House, founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and others, was one of the first settlement houses in the United States. Its initial programs included providing recreational facilities for slum children, fighting for child labor laws, and helping immigrants become U.S. citizens.

Did Jane Addams get married?

Jane Addams (1860-1935) was a peace activist and a leader of the settlement house movement in America. As one of the most distinguished of the first generation of college-educated women, she rejected marriage and motherhood in favor of a lifetime commitment to the poor and social reform.

When was Jane Addams born died?

Jane Addams (born Laura Jane Addams, September 6, 1860-May 21, 1935) won worldwide recognition in the first third of the twentieth century as a pioneer social worker in America, as a feminist, and as an internationalist.

What was the impact of the Hull House?

The impact rippled across the nation as the work of Hull House and its activists helped establish child labor laws, women’s suffrage, workmen’s compensation, and other hallmarks of the Progressive Era.

Why were the Hull House studies important for the development of sociology?

Through its statistical research, Hull-House established its professional expertise and created a platform by which it could redefine poverty. The Hull-House Maps and Papers, an enormously important work, is said to have started the Chicago school of sociology (Stebner,19).

What does Hull House mean?

Hull House was a settlement house in Chicago, Illinois, United States that was co-founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr. Located on the Near West Side of the city, Hull House (named after the original house’s first owner Charles Jerald Hull) opened to serve recently arrived European immigrants.

How did the Hull House Impact America?

What was Jane Addams goal?

In 1889, Addams and Starr founded Hull House in Chicago’s poor, industrial west side, the first settlement house in the United States. The goal was for educated women to share all kinds of knowledge, from basic skills to arts and literature with poorer people in the neighborhood.

Did Jane Addams go to college?

Rockford UniversityJane Addams / College (1881)
Jane Addams began her lifelong crusade for justice and equality not long after she graduated from Rockford University when, in 1889, she established Hull-House in Chicago.

What effect did Hull House have on the residents of Chicago in the early 1900’s?

At the state level, Hull-House residents initiated and lobbied for protective legislation for women and children, child labor laws, occupational safety and health provisions, compulsory education, protection of immigrants, and Illinois’ pioneer mothers’ pension law.