What nationality is VEKA?

What nationality is VEKA?

Headquartered in Germany and family owned since 1969, VEKA has retained the culture that created its success, offering a heritage of quality, efficiency, reliability, and stability to its partners.

Where is VEKA made?

VEKA AG is a German extruder of uPVC profiles for use in windows and doors headquartered in Sendenhorst, Germany. Founded in 1967 as a manufacturer of shutters, it currently operates its own extrusion facilities in twelve countries.

What does VEKA do?

VEKA manufactures high-quality PVC window and door system profiles, both residential and commercial, in new construction and replacement markets. VEKA continues to innovate and produce new, quality, efficient products that will exceed customer expectations.

How good are VEKA windows?

A typical Veka casement window is a more than serviceable option. Though the addition of an extra chamber might seem minimal, it allows our PVC-u windows to provide exceptional heat retention and acoustic insulation qualities.

Is Veka a good place to work?

The hours at VEKA are long, but they do their best to allow a good work life balance. There are many opportunities for advancement if you are willing to work, and learn. Honestly, if you’re interested in a production job, this is the finest place to work in our are.

Is Veka a good company?

Employees also rated VEKA 3.4 out of 5 for work life balance, 3.3 for culture and values and 3.6 for career opportunities.

What is the best window profile?

Top 5 uPVC Window Profiles

  1. Liniar. Liniar are a brand that are renowned for their high quality uPVC windows.
  2. Rehau. Rehau are also an incredible supplier of uPVC windows.
  3. Residence Collection.
  4. Profile 22.
  5. Halo.

What is the veka digital transformation?

VEKA is on a continuous path of digital transformation—automating, integrating and streamlining its processes wherever possible, enabled by advanced technologies. To ensure seamless operations, VEKA relies on integrated SAP Business Suite applications.

Why choose a veka server?

Christian Otte, Server Center Manager at VEKA AG, says: “Over the years, VEKA has cultivated a strong reputation for high-quality products and on-time delivery.

How many employees does veka have?

Headquartered in Sendenhorst, Germany, VEKA employs approximately 5,000 people worldwide and reports annual revenues of more than EUR790 million (USD880 million). IBM Power Systems running IBM i