What season did Phaedra reads Kenya reunion?

What season did Phaedra reads Kenya reunion?

The former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star is currently a top trending topic on Twitter as some fans agree that she had the best read of the decade. In a clip, she went head-to-head with none other than Kenya Moore for the season 6 reunion that aired in May 2014.

What reunion did porsha hit Kenya?

Porsha Williams vs. The costars then went at it during the season 6 reunion after Kenya accused Porsha of cheating on her ex-husband Kordell Stewart. After the two women both accused each other of being whores, Porsha pulled Kenya’s hair and they started physically fighting.

Did Kenya and Phaedra make up?

She went on to share where things stood with Phaedra at that time. “You know what? Honestly, we don’t have a relationship, but we’ve been on each other’s social media, and we’ve made jokes and stuff,” Kenya said. “So I think it’s pretty cordial.”

Why did Carlos leave RHOA?

Carlos King quit ‘RHOA’ after season 9 because he says the cast was ‘too comfortable’ King worked on RHOA for almost a decade. He left the franchise after the drama with the season 9 reunion when Phaedra Parks was exposed as the culprit behind a nasty rumor about Kandi Burruss.

Where is Phaedra Parks today?

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum, 47, maintains multiple careers as an attorney, mortician, producer and actress, but her most demanding job is being a mom of two boys.

How old is Phaedra’s son?

Phaedra Parks’ dedication post to her sons Ayden, 12, and 8-year-old Dylan Nida on Wednesday, Sept. 29, had fans marveling over how “handsome” the two have become.

Are Kenya and Nene from RHOBH still fighting?

However, without NeNe around, Kenya was actually able to share her thoughts on why she thinks they’re fighting, without getting interrupted. Andy Cohen initially asked Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey why they think NeNe and Kenya have been fighting so much, but they weren’t really sure. Kandi said, “Honestly, I don’t know anymore.”

Is Kenya Moore feuding with Nene from’the Real Housewives of Atlanta’?

The OG star never returned after exiting the three-part special on May 17, so a lot of the ladies missed out on an opportunity to settle their ongoing disputes with their on-again/off-again rival. Especially Kenya Moore, who has been feuding with NeNe for a few years now.

Did Kenya reach out to Nene while dealing with husband Gregg?

Andy then asked Kenya whether she reached out to NeNe while she was dealing with husband Gregg ‘s cancer and Kenya said she did, but Marlo clapped back and said Kenya didn’t. Kenya, however, insisted that she did and added, “I did. Absolutely, and I have the text messages to prove it. I have the missed phone calls to prove it.

Did Nene and Kenya ever talk to each other?

But Andy acknowledged that NeNe did try to talk to Kenya at the bowling event and during the group’s first dinner in Greece, but he said Kenya appeared “unwilling to hear her out. ” When asked why she acted that way, Kenya said, “Because I know it was all fake and phony because of our history. And I can see a fake a mile away.