What is Nomura Global Markets known for?

What is Nomura Global Markets known for?

Our Products. We have a global offering in investment grade, high yield bond and credit derivative trading, distressed loan coverage and trading and structured credit solutions. We’re also a market leader in convertible bonds trading and sales coverage with unique cross-regional coverage.

Does Nomura hire international students?

Yes, you can apply as a international student.

What is Global Markets Nomura?

Nomura’s Global Markets Division handles client transactions for financial institutions, corporates, governments and investment funds around the world. We act as market makers, trading in fixed income and equity securities, including currencies, interest rates and credit in cash, derivatives and structured products.

What is unique about Nomura?

Nomura is an Asian Investment Bank, so that in itself sets us apart and makes us unique. In EMEA, we are smaller in size, though not scale which means that we are more entrepreneurial, nimble and flatter in structure.

What type of company is Nomura?

Nomura is a global financial services group with an integrated network spanning over 30 countries and regions.

Why is there risk at Nomura?

Nomura Group promotes integrated risk management as part of the firm’s management strategy to control various risks inherent in daily operations, secure capital soundness in any economic environment, achieve business plans, protect customers and comply with laws and regulations.

Why should I join Nomura?

Why join Nomura? We are looking for the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders to make an impression on our future. If you are keen to be part of a highly nimble and diverse workforce that offers opportunities for you to build a long term career, then come and discover more about Nomura.

How good is Nomura?

Nomura is a great firm to work with in terms of salary,policies and infrastructure however, the management is very bad. Growth becomes very challenging even after great work because of partiality done by the management.

Why global markets at Nomura?

The Global Markets sales force delivers our clients with a broad spectrum of investment opportunities, liquidity, financing and hedging solutions. Nomura’s extensive footprint is both global and multi-asset enabling investors to gain access to strength, depth and breadth of product offering and expertise.

How many locations does Nomura have in the US?

Our Wholesale operation services local clients through nine locations in the United States, which represents the largest fee pool in global investment banking. Nomura also operates a boutique investment management firm specializing in high-yield investments.

Why invest with Nomura structured investments?

Our structured investments platform builds on Nomura recognized intellectual capital and unique Asian market access, providing a range of innovative and flexible solutions for institutional investors and large distributors.

What is the difference between Instinet and Nomura?

With 24/5 support and expert teams across major market centers, Nomura provides seamless access to liquidity across a wide range of platforms and interfaces. As the Equities execution arm of Nomura outside Japan, Instinet provides independent, agency-only brokerage services to clients globally.