What rescinded means?

What rescinded means?

transitive verb. 1 : to take away : remove. 2a : take back, cancel refused to rescind the order. b : to abrogate (a contract) and restore the parties to the positions they would have occupied had there been no contract. 3 : to make void by action of the enacting authority or a superior authority : repeal rescind an act.

How do you say the word rescind?

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What is example of rescinded?

Rescind is defined as to cancel or make something void. An example of rescind is someone calling off their wedding. verb. To cancel a contract, whether unilaterally or by mutual agreement and restore both parties to status quo ante (the positions they would have been in if the contract had never existed).

What does rescinded mean in the Bible?

to abrogate; annul; revoke; repeal.

What part of speech is rescinded?

transitive verb

part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: rescinds, rescinding, rescinded

How do you use rescind?

Rescind in a Sentence 🔉

  1. I cannot believe Janice’s boyfriend tried to rescind his marriage proposal!
  2. Because of illegal alcohol sales, the government had to rescind the prohibition act.
  3. Once their union demands were met, the workers agreed to rescind the strike.

What is the noun of rescind?

rescission. / (rɪˈsɪʒən) / noun. the act of rescinding. law the right to have a contract set aside if it has been entered into mistakenly, as a result of misrepresentation, undue influence, etc.

Is Rescindment a real word?

re·scind. To make void; repeal or annul.

What do you say when an offer is rescinded?

Responding to a revoked offer Get an explanation: Stay calm, let the organization know that you’re disappointed in losing this opportunity, and request a detailed explanation of their decision. The information may prevent you from repeating mistakes you made or confirm that it was an unforeseen corporate problem.

How do you say recision?

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Is Rescindment a word?

The act of rescinding.

What are the rights of partner who is entitled to rescind?

Section 39: Rights of partner entitled to rescind partnership. (c) To be indemnified by the person guilty of the fraud or making the representation against all debts and liabilities of the partnership.

What does the word rescinded mean?

To repeal, annul, or declare void; to take (something such as a rule or contract) out of effect. The agency will rescind the policy because many people are dissatisfied with it. Etymology: From the rescindo, from re- + scindo.

How to use “rescinded” in a sentence?

(1) Trade Union leaders have demanded the government rescind the price rise.

  • (2) This means that the latter can rescind the contract.
  • (3) The court has power to rescind a bankruptcy order under this section.
  • (4) Darlan then tried to rescind the order.
  • (5) Both parties may rescind or renew the contract via mutual consultation.
  • What is another word for rescinded?

    craps out. rubs out. gets cold feet. more . “The proper course in those circumstances was to rescind the order on the basis that, had the creditor known of the petition, the petition debt would have been secured.”. Verb. . To repeal, annul, or declare void. revokes.

    How do you pronounce rescind?

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