Is Goondiwindi worth visiting?

Is Goondiwindi worth visiting?

A modern and vibrant place, Goondiwindi still retains the stylish simplicity of a traditional country town and has all the amenities you could want or need. The tree-lined streets, well kept gardens and the Macintyre River, whose beauty is one of our greatest assets, are all worth seeing.

What Shire is Texas Qld in?

Goondiwindi Region
Texas is a rural town and locality in the Goondiwindi Region, Queensland, Australia. It is on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. In the 2016 census, Texas had a population of 843 people….Texas, Queensland.

Texas Queensland
LGA(s) Goondiwindi Region
State electorate(s) Southern Downs
Federal division(s) Maranoa

Who owns the Goondiwindi Argus?

Australian Community Media
The Goondiwindi Argus is a newspaper published in Goondiwindi, Queensland, Australia….Goondiwindi Argus.

Type Weekly newspaper
Owner(s) Australian Community Media
City Goondiwindi
Country Australia
ISSN 1836-1943 (print) 2209-8992 (web)

What is Goondiwindi postcode?

4390Goondiwindi / Postal code

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What is Goondiwindi like to visit?

Goondiwindi lives up to its tagline, ‘Regional Australia at its best’, across seven country towns, which make up the 19,300km2 region. Getting there is easy, with five of Australia’s major highways connecting at Goondiwindi, making the region the perfect stop-over for a couple of days to break up your next western Queensland adventure.

Where is Goondiwindi council located?

The largest urban centre is Goondiwindi with small towns at Inglewood and Texas. Smaller townships and villages are located at Bungunya, Talwood, Toobeah and Yelarbon. The Council area encompasses a total land area of about 19,300 square kilometres with the Queensland/New South Wales border as the southern boundary.

What is Goondiwindi advertising Directory?

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