What replaced AFI 36 815?

What replaced AFI 36 815?

Major changes include reissuing the prior version of AFI 36-815 as a supplement of DODI 1400.25, Volume 630, DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Leave.

What is an AF policy directive?

An Air Force Instruction (AFI) is a documented instruction for members of the United States Air Force intended for use by active duty, guard, and reserve members and associated civilians. It is one of many forms of directives published by the Air Force Departmental Publishing Office (AFDPO).

What is an Afpd?

AFPD. Armed Forces Police Detachment/Department.

What AFI governs civilian leave?

The specific changes to AFI 36-3003 incorporate Title 10 United States Code Section 704a, Administration of leave: prohibition on authorizing, granting, or assigning leave not expressly authorized by law.

Do you get sick days in the Air Force?

Unlimited sick leave per year. If you’re sick, an NCO can approve one day off. Other than that, your supervisor will tell you to see your PCM or go to the ER. 60 days of leave accumulated throughout the year.

How many AFIs are there?

4, Wilson noted that many of the 1,300 AFIs are outdated and inconsistent. The sheer mind-numbing volume of them breeds cynicism among airmen who can’t possibly keep up with all the rules — or even know what they are.

What is AFI military?

Definition. An Air Force Instruction (AFI) is a policy or guideline issued by the United States Air Force (USAF). Compliance with AFI’s is mandatory for U.S. Air Force military forces under the jurisdiction of the AFI’s author.

Who is William West?

On May 1, 1903, an African-American man named William West entered the prison at Leavenworth in the United States. Upon entry, he went through the routine Bertillon system of measurements. The identification clerks soon matched his measurement and photograph with those of William West, a previously convicted murderer.

Do you salute Secretary Defense?

The service secretaries principally work out of the Pentagon, which is a ‘no hat, no salute’ zone. Outside the Pentagon, it is doubtful they would be recognized by sight (they wear civilian clothes and do not hold military rank as such) unless there had been some sort of advance notice.

What is the Air Force diversity directive?

This directive provides policy and oversight for Air Force Diversity. It implements, in part, DoD Directive (DoDD) 1020. 02, Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity (EO) in the Department of Defense, and provides direction for its implementation within the Air Force.

What is the Air Force Policy Directive (afpd)?

This Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) implements Title 50, United States Code (USC), Section 3073a (50 U. S. C. § 3073a); Title 37, United States Code (USC), Section 908 (37 U. S. C. § 908); Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) (10 U. S. C. § 893a); Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 1308.

Does the Air Force have a nondiscrimination policy for financial assistance?

For the purposes of this instruction, financial assistance provided by the Air Force in programs and activities conducted or assisted by the Air Force are subject to Air Force nondiscrimination policy as described herein. Final Agency Action—There are two types of final actions by agencies. One is a final action by

What is the Air Force’s policy on outside contractors?

applies to all Air Force sponsored or required training performed in house or by an outside contractor, whether provided on or off Air Force property. (T-1). If the training is performed off Air Force property, the Air Force will establish a joint legal obligation with the outside entity to provide reasonable accommodations.