Which name is best for Boy Hindu modern?

Which name is best for Boy Hindu modern?

Here’s our pick of 50 modern Hindu baby boy names of 2019 you can choose from for your little one.

  • Aakav (shape)
  • Aakesh (Lord of the sky)
  • Aarav (peaceful)
  • Advik (unique)
  • Chaitanya (cognisance) Also Read| Top 5 factors to consider when picking the right school for your child.
  • Chandran (moon)
  • Darsh (sight)
  • Darpan (mirror)

What is a good name for a Indian boy?

Modern Indian baby boy names

Name Meaning
Ehsaan Compassion
Eeshan Light and splendour
Faiyaz Doer of good deeds, virtuous
Farhan Joy, delight

What are some American Indian boy names?

Native American Boy Names

  • Adriel – A Navajo name meaning “symbol of skill.”
  • Ahanu – This Algonquin name means “he laughs.”
  • Alo – This means “one who is a spiritual guide.”
  • Anakin – This means “soldier” and is also a Star Wars name.
  • Calian – This means “warrior of life.”
  • Dakota – This means “friendly companion.”

Which name is best for Boy Hindu god?

So, these were some baby boy names inspired by Lord Vishnu….List of Lord Vishnu Names for Baby Boy with Meaning.

Name Meaning
Hrishikesh God of the senses.
Inesa A Strong King, pure, chaste, holy, sacred, purifying
Inesh One who is the ruler of all; a powerful and strong ruler.
Iresh The Lord of the Earth.

What are common Indian boy names?


  • Noah.
  • Oliver.
  • Elijah.
  • William.
  • James.
  • Benjamin.
  • Lucas.
  • What are some cool boy names?


  • Ethan
  • Jameson
  • Wyatt
  • Jake
  • Grayson
  • Thor
  • Jackson
  • Landon
  • Logan
  • What are some Muslim boy names?

    Abdullah: The name means ‘one who worships God’. It also means ‘a slave to God’.

  • Abidin: Abidin means ‘one who worships religion’ and could be a good one for your son.
  • Adam: This Turkish Muslim name is connected to religion.
  • Ahmet: The name Ahmet means ‘thanking God’.
  • Celal: It means ‘glory,the majesty of God’.
  • Cennet: The name Cennet means ‘heaven’.
  • What are common Indian names?

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