What is WMG?

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Which company is WMG?

Warner Music Group
The third biggest music rightsholder in the world, Warner Music Group (WMG) runs its global operation from headquarters based in Manhattan, New York….Music Publisher, Record Label.

Founded March, 1958
Parent Access Industries

What is the stock symbol for Warner Brothers?

What is Time Warner’s stock symbol? Time Warner trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “TWX.”

How much is WMG worth?

Warner Music Group net worth as of January 28, 2022 is $21.23B.

What record labels does Warner own?

Warner RecordsArtanis Entertainment Group
Warner Bros. Pictures/Record labels founded

Is Warner Brothers publicly traded?

WARNER BROS. is a brand of AT Inc, listed on the stock exchange of New York. WARNER BROS. belongs to the Telecom Services business sector.

Who is WMG in Wipro?

Sonal Gupta –
Sonal Gupta – WMG-Head ( Talent Supply Chain Management) – Wipro Limited | LinkedIn.

Who owns Rough Trade Records?

Geoff Travis

Rough Trade Records
Parent company Beggars Group
Founded 1976
Founder Geoff Travis
Distributor(s) Beggars Group