Who owns Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern New York?

Who owns Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern New York?

Bon Secours Charity Health System
The Bon Secours Charity Health System has subsequently become part of the WMCHealth. The hospital currently has a staff of more than 600 doctors and 2000 employees.

What county is Suffern New York in?

Rockland CountySuffern / County
With 11,000 people living in two square miles, the village of Suffern, part of the town of Ramapo in Rockland County, offers a compact downtown and a train commute of around an hour to New York City, as well as access to the New York State Thruway and Interstate 287.

When did HCA buy Good Samaritan Hospital?

Good Samaritan Hospital is an acute care hospital on Samaritan Drive in Los Gatos/San Jose, California. It contains centers for treatment of stroke and chest pain, as well as a large maternity ward. Originally a non-profit, it has been owned by HCA since 1996.

Who owns Good Samaritan Hospital Los Gatos?

Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
Regional and Good Samaritan are both owned by Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), which operates 169 facilities and more than 1-hundred free-standing surgery centers nationwide.

Are there still Samaritans today?

Today, only about 800 Samaritans remain, divided among four broad families, spread between Mount Gerizim in the heart of Palestinian territory and the Israeli city of Holon. With men making up many of its remaining members, this cloistered community must now rely on women from the outside world for its survival.

What is the telephone number for Good Samaritan Hospital?

St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital seeks to provide a positive experience to all who enter our doors, patients and visitors alike. Helping you find your way around is an important part of this effort. If you have any other questions, please call 706.453.7331. Complete patient registration paperwork prior to your appointment.

What is the Good Samaritan phone number?

Good Samaritan Hospital Main Phone Number (408) 559-2011. Good Samaritan Hospital. Department / Facility. Phone. Admitting (408) 559-2323. Auxiliary Services (408) 559-2345. Bariatric Services (408) 559-2514. Behavioral Health (408) 559-2000. Billing Services (800) 307-7631

What is the abbreviation for Good Samaritan Hospital?

Stand clear of any patient care equipment in use at the bedside. Exceptions can be made to accommodate what is best for our patients. Simply talk to the patient’s nurse, charge nurse, or the Assistant Director of Nursing. MedStar Good Samaritan is a smoke-free campus and prohibits the use of tobacco.

What is Good Samaritan insurance?

The injured person must be in “immediate peril” and not object to being helped;

  • The volunteer must act reasonably (with standard of care appropriate to their level of expertise) and in good faith;
  • The volunteer must not already owe a duty of care to the injured person (e.g.,the latter isn’t a patient of the former); and
  • https://www.youtube.com/c/GoodSamaritanHospitalLI