What is the Naval hospital in Guam?

What is the Naval hospital in Guam?

United States Naval Hospital Guam is a U.S. Navy medical facility on the U.S. territory of Guam. It provides a broad range of medical services to active-duty U.S. military personnel under Joint Region Marianas. Besides the main hospital, the hospital runs a medical clinic and a dental clinic on Naval Base Guam.

How many beds does Naval Hospital Guam have?

42 beds
U.S. Naval Hospital Guam is an inpatient and outpatient facility currently operating with 42 beds. U.S. Naval Hospital Guam: 671-344-9340.

How many hospitals are there in Guam?

There are two civilian hospitals on Guam, the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority (GMHA) located in Tamuning and the Guam Regional Medical City (GRMC) located in Dededo. There is a U.S. Naval hospital for the military and their dependents located on the Guam Naval Base.

What is the largest Navy hospital?

​U. S. Naval Hospital Okinawa is the largest overseas hospital in the United States Navy, serving a beneficiary population of 55,000 active duty personnel, family members, civilian employees, contract personnel, and retirees.

What is a Navy hospital called?

East Coast commands include the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, located in Virginia, Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune, located in North Carolina, and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, formally known as the National Naval Medical Center and colloquially referred to as the Bethesda Naval Hospital.

How good is healthcare in Guam?

Guam Business Magazine asked business community members their thoughts through an anonymous survey regarding the state of healthcare on Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. Of the respondents, 50% rated healthcare on their island as “poor,” 47.5% rated it as “adequate” and 2.5% as “excellent.”

What hospitals are on Guam?

Individual Hospital Statistics for Guam

Hospital Name City Total Discharges
Guam Memorial Hospital Authority Oka Tamuning 6,041
Guam Regional Medical City Dededo 3,026
Naval Hospital Guam Agana Heights 0
T O T A L 9,067