What was the interregnum quizlet?

What was the interregnum quizlet?

Literally ‘between the kings’: the period from 1649-60 where England had no monarch. Also known as the Commonwealth. Period in which Oliver Cromwell ruled as Lord Protector.

What future does the speaker foresee for himself and his love in lines 25 30?

The speaker foresees death and an end to loving. The images in the first part of the poem disintegrate.

Which century of English history was the interregnum?

From 1649 to 1660, England was therefore a republic during a period known as the Interregnum (‘between reigns’).

What are the HID causes that lie behind the style of this woman?

What are the “hid causes” that he suspects lie behind this style? The women use powder and perfume to cover odors because bathtubs and hygiene practices weren’t very common. He doesn’t like fancy or properly dressed women with mounds of makeup on.

What does the speaker reveal about his feelings for the woman in the last two lines?

The last lines are stating that the woman is just as beautiful as the other women. Ladies in the sonnet tradition were ideally beautiful. His love interest is not the blue-eyed blonde goddess of Petrarch’s sonnets, we say that Shakespeare’s sequence is anti-Petrarchan.

Who rules in an interregnum?

Interregnum describes the period between the reigns of two leaders. If you’re a rebel leader, you may try to gain power during an interregnum.

What did the interregnum do?

Cromwell’s convincing military successes at Drogheda in Ireland (1649), Dunbar in Scotland (1650) and Worcester in England (1651) forced Charles I’s son, Charles, into foreign exile despite being accepted and crowned King in Scotland.

For what does the soul thirst in lines 5 6?

For what does the soul thirst in lines 5-6 of “Song: to Celia”? He is thirsting for Celia’s attention and love.

Why does the speaker call this feeling a sin?

Line 2: The speaker says his “sin” was having “too much hope” for his son. It is a “sin” because the speaker failed to realize that his son’s life could end at any time.

What does If hairs be wires black wires grow on her head mean?

If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head. If a poet wanted to be sentimental and sweet, he might compare his lover’s hair to something soft, smooth, and shiny, like silk. Here though, the mistress’s hair is compared to black wires sticking out of the top of her head.

What does Coral is far more red than her lips red mean?

Simile: This sentence means that the coral is way more red than her lips which compares something, her lips and the coral. Saying the coral is more red than her lips means that her lips are very dull as coral is mostly vibrant red. You just studied 12 terms!

What happens in an interregnum?

“Interregnum” is the term used in the Anglican Communion to describe the period before a new parish priest is appointed to fill a vacancy. During an interregnum, the administration of the parish is the responsibility of the churchwardens.