What is the meaning of 7th grade civil servant?

What is the meaning of 7th grade civil servant?

7th Grade Civil Servant. 7th Grade Civil Servant ( Korean : 7급 공무원; Hanja : 七級 公務員; RR : 7geup Gongmu-won) is a 2013 South Korean television series starring Choi Kang-hee and Joo Won as rookie spies who trained together, and later become NIS agents who must hide their real identities from each other even as they fall in love.

Is 7th grade civil servant better than Iris next week?

Therefore, 7th Grade Civil Servant might have good advantage for next week. As what I have said before, IRIS’s dominance will depend on the first two or four episodes. If they would not carry out a good starting plot for viewers, then 7th Grade Civil Servant has big chances to reclaim the top spot again.

What is the proper title for a civil servant?

I would suggest the appropriate and only English title be “Level 7 Civil Servant”, since the word “grade” is mostly associated with K12 education. “Level” is a term often used to indicate status within an organization.

Is 7th grade level CS worth watching?

The problem with 7th Grade Level CS is the STORYLINE. Whether its ROMCOM or ROMCOM/ACTION, this drama lacks something, it’s not only the action/spy deficiency but also the bites of reality. Notably, the first few episodes of this drama are exquisitely entertaining.

What is your opinion on Joo Won and KJH?

Joo Won brings sth to the table that is entirely diff fr KJH. So far, JW’s char is entirely childish, willful n self-centered. The show seems to be playing up that angle.

How did Joo Won get his start in acting?

Joo Won started out as an understudy in Musical theatre. He go his break as a singer in a musical. He did abt 150 shows straight, before he was sent to the audition for Baker King and the writer fell in love w him, n insisted on casting him, an unknown in KD!