Who is Bandar baleela?

Who is Bandar baleela?

Bandar Baleela born in 1975 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Bandar bin Abdulaziz bin Siraj bin Abdul Malik Baleelah stands tall as one of the most eminent and distinguished Shaykhs of all time characterized by his soulful and heartwarming recitations of the Holy Qur’an.

Who is Sheikh Bandar Balila?

Sheikh Bandar Balila has taught Al-Fiqh in the Institute of “Al Haram Al Makki Al Sharif” as well as rendered services as a professor of faculty in Shariah in “Al Taif” University. He leads the prayers as an Imam in Al Amira Nouf mosque in Al Aziziyah, Mecca.

Who is Bandar bin Abdul Azeez baleela?

Dr. Bandar bin ‘Abdul Azeez Baleela – Born in Makkah in 1395 AH. – Earned a Masters degree in 1422 AH in the Fiqh from the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies from the Umm al-Qura University. – Received a doctorate degree in Fiqh from the Faculty of Sharia in 1429 AH from the Islamic University of Madeenah.