What is Ted Hendricks nationality?

What is Ted Hendricks nationality?

AmericanTed Hendricks / Nationality

Theodore Paul Hendricks (born November 1, 1947) is a Guatemalan-American former American football player who was an outside linebacker for 15 seasons with the Baltimore Colts, Green Bay Packers, and the Oakland / Los Angeles Raiders in the National Football League (NFL).

Where did Ted Hendricks go to college?

University of MiamiTed Hendricks / College
A three-time All-America as a linebacker and defensive end at the University of Miami, Ted Hendricks began his 15-season pro football career as the second-round pick of the Baltimore Colts in the 1969 AFL-NFL Draft.

How old is Ted Hendricks?

74 years (November 1, 1947)Ted Hendricks / Age

How big is Ted Hendricks?

6 ft 7 inches

Also Known As Theodore Paul Hendricks
Height/Weight 6 ft 7 inches, 220 lb (2.01 m, 99 kg)
Position linebacker
Jersey Number 83 (Oakland Raiders, 1975-1983) • 56 (Green Bay Packers, 1974) • 83 (Baltimore Colts, 1969–1973)
Draft Drafted by the Baltimore Colts in the second round (33rd overall) of the 1969 NFL draft.

When was Ted Hendricks drafted?

1966Ted Hendricks / Date joined (Miami Hurricanes football)

How old is former NFL player Howie Long?

Howie Long Net Worth

Net Worth: $16 Million
Date of Birth: Jan 6, 1960 (62 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.95 m)
Profession: American football player, Actor

How tall was too tall jones?

6′ 9″Ed Jones / Height

What did Lee Roy Selmon do?

Lee Roy Selmon (October 20, 1954 – September 4, 2011) was an American professional football player and a college athletics administrator. He played college football as a defensive tackle at the University of Oklahoma, the youngest of three brothers to play football there….Lee Roy Selmon.

Tackles: 742
Fumbles forced: 28.5