What is Nissan CARED4 warranty?

What is Nissan CARED4 warranty?

What is Nissan CARED4? Nissan CARED4 is a promise, from Nissan to owners of their used cars. They promise that their used cars will be thoroughly checked, come with a 12 month warranty, exchange deal and comprehensive after-sales support.

What is Nissan CARED4 mot?

Our MOT Care is offered as a benefit with every Nissan CARED4 car that’s more than two years old at the time of purchase. This covers the cost of repairing, adjusting and replacing specific parts in the unlikely event you car fails its next MOT.

What is Nissan Intelligent Care warranty?

REASSURING WARRANTY To give you further peace of mind, every Nissan Intelligent Choice car comes with a manufacturer-approved warranty for a minimum of 12 months with an option to upgrade to a further 12 or 24 months for even greater worry free motoring.

Do you get a courtesy car with Nissan service?

Nissan Authorised Repair & Service Centre’s will endeavour to provide you with a courtesy vehicle during your repair. If the repair to your vehicle is going to take longer than expected, Nissan Care Extended Warranty will refund your hire cost for a comparable vehicle, as outlined in your Policy Document.

How long does a Nissan warranty last?

Almost all new Nissan vehicles come with a 3-Year / 36,000 mile limited warranty (whichever occurs first) and a 5-year / 60,000 mile limited warranty for powertrain components (whichever occurs first).

What is Nissan Intelligent?

Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ is a suite of advanced safety systems that work together to keep you protected while out on the road. Using an intricate network of sensors and monitors, your new Nissan can actively scan its surroundings and notify you of potential hazards.

What is intelligent choice mot?

MOT (Ministry of Transport) care If your vehicle is more than two years old at the time of sale, MOT care is also included, which covers the cost of repairing, replacing or adjusting specific defective parts in the unlikely event your Approved Used car doesn’t pass its next MOT test.

What is not covered under Nissan warranty?

Your Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty does not cover repairs for damage or conditions which are determined to be due to the installation or use of non-Genuine Nissan Accessories available at the time you order or purchase your new Nissan, as well as after purchase from our Nissan dealership.

Will Nissan cover my transmission?

This Nissan continuously variable transmission warranty extension covers a variety of items. Torque converters, Transmission Control Module reprogramming, seals, gaskets, and more are all covered under this extension.

What is included in a Nissan servicing?

Servicing must be by a franchised Nissan Dealer at the intervals specified by Nissan. Includes labour and certain parts only. Software updates are available free of charge, as part of any major or minor service. Not all cars will require re-programming at time of their service.

How much does it cost to service a Nissan?

Our great-value service package is designed to be transparent and simple. No matter how old your Nissan is our prices are fixed. You simply choose from a minor service (petrol £209, diesel £249 or EV £159) or a major service (petrol £289, diesel £349, or EV £209), and in return you’ll receive fantastic benefits.

What is the Nissan express service?

With the Nissan Express Service you can get your vehicle serviced and qualifying repairs completed within 60 minutes, including all our Nissan Service Care benefits and free Wi-Fi and refreshments in our dedicated re-fuel station. Nissan Express Service only available at participating dealers.

Why service at Nissan of Irvine?

The expert team at Nissan of Irvine is committed to caring for your vehicle for as long as you own it. We have state-of-the-art service facilities and use the latest diagnostics to maintain and repair your Nissan at a competitive price.