What is a vapor equalizing valve?

What is a vapor equalizing valve?

This large air outlet design makes Gorton Vapor Equalizing Valves and Air Eliminators the fastest venting valves made for steam heating system. The thermostatic bi-metal actuator of the valve reacts instantly on exposure to steam and raises the valve steam into the seat to close the valve.

Where should an automatic air vent be positioned?

The Automatic Air Vent should be installed in a vertical position as its operation is based on the vertical movement of the float.

Can you turn off a steam radiator?

A radiator that uses hot water to heat up a room needs valves so it can be turned on and off accordingly. There are three types of valves on hot water radiators or steam radiators — thermostatic, manual, and lockshield — all of which are easy to shut off.

What is the purpose of connecting the vapor hose?

The vapor hose from the delivery truck is connected to the tank’s vapor return valve during the filling process and the excess pressure is vented back to the truck. This allows the vapor pressure to equalize between the tank and truck preventing an over-pressure situation at the tank.

Are steam radiators supposed to hiss?

The hissing sound of the air venting from the valve is a sign of normal operation, but the noise should stop once the radiator comes up to temperature and the vent closes, thereby retaining steam in the radiator so it can give up its heat and condense back into water.

What kind of valves does maid O Mist make?

Automatic and manual air elimination valves for hydronic, steam and solar applications. Float operated level controls for water applications. Since 1932, Maid-O’-Mist® has been manufacturing the most complete line of air elimination valves in the industry.

Why choose maid-O’-Mist®?

Since 1932, Maid-O’-Mist® has been manufacturing the most complete line of air elimination valves in the industry. We offer fifteen models of air elimination valves, twenty models of steam valves and seven models of vertical/horizontal float operated water level controls to meet your hydronic, steam, solar and water application needs.

What is a number 66 vent used for?

The No. 66, 67, 68 Auto-Vents are float-operated vents for use on convector radiators, baseboard radiation and radiant panels. These are designed to be used in space that is limited and can be installed in trouble spots previously neglected or improperly vented.

What kind of valve is on a 7 Series auto vent?

The No. 7 Series Auto-Vents air eliminators are made of brass and equipped with a self-closing, float-operated valve. The valve is equipped with a Monel metal spring and a Neoprene® valve seat which is unaffected by high temperatures, oil and anti-freeze.