What is Angora?

What is Angora?

‘Angora’ is an old word for Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Fun fact, there’s also an Angora Goat, and its wool is used to make the fabric we know today as ‘mohair’.

Where does Angora wool come from?

Angora wool, used in everything from sweaters to mittens and hats, comes from angora rabbits who have extremely soft, thick coats.

What if I don’t want to support the Angora trade?

If you don’t want to support the exploitative angora trade, please always choose animal-free fashions .

Which retailers have banned angora?

Following PETA Asia’s investigation, dozens of retailers have banned angora , including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Forever 21, Eddie Bauer, L Brands, QVC, Lands’ End, Express, Pac Sun, Mango, numerous UK-based retailers including Topshop, ASOS, Marks & Spencer, New Look, as well as many other European, Australian, and Asian companies.