What is a Mijinion?

What is a Mijinion?

Mijinion was a Reploid created by Gate to act as a test pilot for large manned weapons. The photoconductive material built into his body allowed him to analyze and process information and machinery with incredible speed and accuracy, equal to that of several super computers.

How do you damage high max?

These can be destroyed with a powerful attack in a single hit such as Zero’s Rekkouha or Ensuizan. High Max also takes considerable damage from Zero’s Z-Buster, Sentsuizan or Rakukoujin, as well as X’s charged Guard Shell once the shields are down.

What does high max say?

High Max has two common quotes during battle – one is “Death Ball” (デスボール, Desu Boru) which is the name of the large blue energy sphere attack he utilizes when saying the line, and he will often follow up with “Muda da” (“It’s useless”), presumably referring to X’s inability to damage him.

Is ISOC Dr Wily?

It is all but stated that Isoc is a robotic form of Dr. Wily, who is stated to still exist as an AI within the Maverick Virus in the X-series. This is made evident by how Isoc is interested in Zero and hates X, and if Zero defeats High Max, Isoc will be pleased that Zero was able to defeat a robot X was not.

Can you beat high max?

When first encountered, he is practically invincible and X must simply outlast him. When encountered again, whether in the secret areas (after Zero is unlocked) or in Gate’s Lab, the player must get creative to defeat him. X should stun him with charged X-Buster, then use any special weapon to damage him.

What do you think about infinity mijinion?

Though bright, Infinity Mijinion was very rude and haphazard. He loved testing powerful weaponry but was never concerned with the safety of others. Even Gate couldn’t restrain his self-serving ambitions. Mijinion was also angered by the destruction of Illumina, which he didn’t get a chance to test.

What is the meaning of mijinion?

Mijinion is in fact a daphnia, a type of water flea; and the name Mijinion is derived from the Japanese word “mijinko”, which means daphnia. The name “Infinity” doesn’t just refer to the multiplying ability. The water flea that Mijinion is based on can survive almost anything.

How do the clones work in Infinity mijinion?

Each clone created by Infinity Mijinion will periodically lean forward and spit out about three to eight green bubbles (depending on level) that will float for a second and then fly at X or Zero.

What happened to mijinion in the Nightmare?

During the Nightmare Incident, Mijinion was resurrected by Gate as one of his Nightmare Investigators and sent to a Weapon Center. Once there, Mijinion immediately began constructing a giant battle Reploid called Illumina, which was soon hijacked by the Nightmare.