What happens in The Caucasian Chalk Circle?

What happens in The Caucasian Chalk Circle?

The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht is a play derived from a Chinese story. It focuses on Grusha, who runs away from her home due to a political uprising. She saves and flees with the deceased governor’s child. Two years later, the previous regime is returned to power.

What time period is the Caucasian Chalk Circle?

The parable, set during a feudal insurrection in the 13th century, concerns the struggle of two women over the custody of a child.

Why did Bertolt Brecht write The Caucasian Chalk Circle?

The Caucasian Chalk Circle was written while Brecht was in exile during the Second World War. Having witnessed the violence, injustice, and destruction of two world wars in a span of under twenty years, Brecht set The Caucasian Chalk Circle against a background of war, corruption, and political tumult.

What are the themes in The Caucasian Chalk Circle?

Introduction. The Caucasian Chalk Circle is a play that features family dynamics in its themes, along with war, justice and class. The play poses many questions about the complexities and moral decisions in relation to raising a child and also how families can be broken by conflict, jealousy and greed.

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