How many journalists were killed in the Middle East?

How many journalists were killed in the Middle East?

The Asia Pacific region comes first with 681 killed journalists, followed by Latin America with 571, the Middle East with 558, Africa with 466 and Europe with 373.

Who was the journalist killed in Afghanistan?


Date Name Location
2021 Danish Siddiqui Spin Buldak, Kandahar
11 May 2019 Mina Mangal Kabul
30 April 2018 Shah Marai Kabul
4 April 2014 Anja Niedringhaus Khost Province

Where is Peter Arnett now?

After retiring as a field reporter in 2007, Arnett lives in Los Angeles. He also teaches journalism at Shantou University in China. In New Zealand, the Peter Arnett School of Journalism was named for him at the Southern Institute of Technology; the journalism school closed in 2015.

Do war journalists get killed?

According to The Seattle Times, the death rate among journalists was 1.3 percent. Nine journalists covering the U.S.-led war were killed in action during the first three weeks of the conflict, victims of Iraqi or U.S. fire, land mines or suicide bombers. Five other journalists died in accidents or from illness.

What reporter dies from DVT in Iraq?

David Bloom’s
Ten years ago while covering the war in Iraq, journalist David Bloom was struck and killed, not by a stray bullet or roadside bomb, but by a clot that traveled to his lungs and blocked blood flow.

How many journalists have been killed in Syria?

Since 2011, at least 300 professional and non-professional journalists have been killed while covering artillery bombardments and airstrikes or murdered by the various parties to the conflict, according to the information gathered by RSF. Although very high, this figure could in reality be even higher.

Is Danish Siddiqui alive?

Deceased (1983–2021)Danish Siddiqui / Living or Deceased

Where is Bernie Shaw now?

In 2001, at the age of 60, Bernard Shaw decided to retire from CNN. He now spends time with his wife, Linda, and two children. Shaw says he misses his colleagues, but he does not miss working. He appeared in Robert Wiener’s book Live from Baghdad.

Where is Arthur Kent now?

With the settlement from NBC, he established his own film company, Fast Forward Films, in the UK. Kent has worked for the BBC, The Observer and Maclean’s. He has hosted many History Channel shows including History Undercover and History’s Mysteries.

Can journalists carry weapons?

“Reporters, photographers and other editorial personnel on assignment from the Times to cover a war or civil conflict must never carry a weapon, openly or concealed on their person or in their vehicle,” the policy states. “CNN’s journalists are deployed in many of the world’s most dangerous places.