What film is the song Stay With Me From?

What film is the song Stay With Me From?

The song is heard over the closing credits of the films Sahara and Wedding Crashers. Ronnie James Dio covered this song with his band Elf in the early 1970s.

Who originally sang stay with me?

Lorraine Ellison
It was first recorded in 1966 by Lorraine Ellison, and produced by Ragovoy. Ellison recorded “Stay with Me” at a last-minute booking, following a studio cancellation by Frank Sinatra….Stay with Me (Lorraine Ellison song)

“Stay with Me”
Songwriter(s) Jerry Ragovoy George David Weiss
Producer(s) Jerry Ragovoy

Where was Sam Smith Stay With Me filmed?

De Beauvoir Town
Music video The video shows Smith coming out of a house and walking down a street in De Beauvoir Town, London, sitting in a room performing the song, and performing the song in a church with a choir. It was directed by Jamie Thraves.

Where does Sam Smith come from?

London, United KingdomSam Smith / Place of birth

Sam Smith, in full Samuel Frederick Smith, (born May 19, 1992, London, England), British soul singer with a mellifluous voice who was noted for lyrics that subverted the notions of romantic love that defined popular soul music.

Who wrote Sam Smith Stay with Me?

Sam Smith
Jimmy NapesWilliam PhillipsTom PettyJeff Lynne
Stay with Me/Composers

When did Sam Smith Release Stay with Me?

14 April 2014
“Stay with Me” is a song by English singer Sam Smith from their debut studio album In the Lonely Hour (2014). It was released in the United States on 14 April 2014 and in the United Kingdom on 18 May 2014….Stay with Me (Sam Smith song)

“Stay with Me”
Released 14 April 2014
Recorded 2012–13
Genre Soul
Length 2:52