What is a military grizzly?

What is a military grizzly?

GRIZZLY is a Military Load Class 70 complex obstacle breaching vehicle which will integrate advanced countermine and counter-obstacle capabilities into a single survivable system. The system employs a two man crew. Its mobility will be comparable to the Abrams Main Battle Tank and the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

How much does a LAV 6.0 cost?

Saudi Arabia will receive 900 modified LAV-III, known as the LAV VI (marketed as the LAV “6.0”), for 15 billion dollars. Some of the 900 combat vehicles will be fitted with an autoloading 105 mm anti-tank gun, known as the Cockerill CT-CV 105HP Weapon System (gun and turret).

Does the US Army use the LAV?

The LAV-25 is a member of the LAV II family. It is an eight-wheeled amphibious armored reconnaissance vehicle built by General Dynamics Land Systems and used by the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army.

How much does a SWAT BearCat cost?

Lenco BearCat

Unit cost US$188,793–300,000
Produced 2001
Variants Military, G3, LE, VIP SUV, Medevac LE, Medevac Mil, Riot Control, G4 M-ATV, EOD

Is APC road legal?

Civilians can own pretty much any kind of vehicles the can afford, from APCs and tanks to fighter jets and bombers. They just can’t usually be equipped with weapons. Sure. Probably can’t put it on a road and definitely would have weaponry removed, but tanks and APCs are in private hands now.

Is it illegal to be a mercenary in the US?

Under current laws and regulations, it is not illegal for a U.S. citizen to provide combat services as a foreign mercenary fighter. The closest legal prohibition to U.S. mercenaries might be found in the Neutrality Act (18 U.S.C. §960).

Where is the Grizzly armored vehicle made?

The Grizzly is manufactured by Blackwater Armored Vehicle, a division of Academi (formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide and Xe Services LLC), in a recently built 70,000-square-foot (6,500 m2) factory in Camden, North Carolina.

What kind of gun does a grizzly bear have?

The Grizzly was an Infantry Fighting Vehicle designed for operation in mechanized infantry units. The vehicle mounted an M2 .50 calibre heavy machine gun as well as a C6 machine gun as well as 66-mm smoke grenade launchers (2 clusters of 4 launchers).

How does a grizzly bear power the vehicle?

These cells power the systems aboard the vehicle and provide propulsion power to the wheels located on either side of the passenger/turret compartment. All six wheels of the vehicle are protected by wheel covers. The military-grade Grizzly can be equipped with either an antenna/turret package, or an antenna, minus turret, package.

Why was the grizzly bear not selected by the Army?

However, the Grizzly was not selected by the US Army in 2008 and lack of projected non-US-military sales have forced cutbacks in staff at the plant. The first Grizzly was built on a commercial GMC (automobile) chassis.