What does Ventail mean?

What does Ventail mean?

Definition of ventail : the lower movable front of a medieval helmet.

What does Paik mean?

Definition of paik dialectal, British. : to strike hard and repeatedly : pummel.

What is the meaning of Alevin?

Definition of alevin : a young fish especially : a newly hatched salmon when still attached to the yolk sac.

What is Pyke system?

The Paik system was a method by which the Ahom king obtained service from the people and also provided service back to the people. By the 17th century it had evolved into a robust system that gave the Ahom kingdom a resilience in the face of a long protracted war against the Mughals.

How do you pronounce Paik in Korean?

“Paek” is a Korean family name more often written in English as “Paik”. It is pronounced “pack” as in back. “Baek” or “Baik” are other variation of this Korean family name.

What is the smolt?

Definition of smolt : a young salmon or sea trout about two years old that is at the stage of development when it assumes the silvery color of the adult and is ready to migrate to the sea.

What are salmon redds?

When salmonids spawn they dig a nest for their eggs to incubate in. This nest is called a redd. A female salmon will use her caudal (tail) fin to dig a depression in which to lay her eggs, then clear a patch of larger rocks to cover them.

Who introduced Pyke system?

Momai Tamuli Borbarua
The mature structure was designed by Momai Tamuli Borbarua in 1608, and extensively and exhaustively implemented by 1658 during the reign of Sutamla Jayadhwaj Singha. The system continued to evolve over time to meet the needs of the Ahom state and in time began to accumulate contradictions.

Who introduced Pyke system in Assam?

Momai Tamuli Barbarua. The Paik System was an unique administrative system, followed by Ahom rulers of Assam. It was the base of agrarian structure in the Ahom Kingdom. Paik System was first introduced by Momai Tamuli Barbarua, an intelligent administrator and the commander-in-chief of Ahom army.

How do you pronounce Paek?

What is a trout smolt?

Smolts are young, 12-15 month-old juvenile coho salmon and steelhead trout that are undergoing physiological changes (called smoltification) to prepare them for life in salt-water and are beginning to migrate downstream toward the ocean.