What does UHIP cover Waterloo?

What does UHIP cover Waterloo?

UHIP card holders can access the same medical facilities as domestic students. UHIP covers basic medical services such as hospital and doctor’s visits. If you have questions, contact Student Financial Services.

How do I get a UHIP card?

Get your UHIP card online If your account is locked or suspended, or you are having registration issues, contact Sun Life at 1-866-500-8447.

Is UHIP the same as OHIP?

The difference between UHIP and OHIP OHIP provides basic medical health insurance for permanent residents of Ontario and is funded by provincial taxes, whereas UHIP provides similar coverage for international non-residents studying or working at an Ontario University.

Where can I find my UHIP?

You may have already received a copy of your UHIP coverage card by email when you were enrolled in the plan. If you didn’t receive your UHIP coverage card by email, you will need to complete the online registration process. Go to mysunlife.ca. Enter your access ID and password and click the sign in button.

Can I opt out of UHIP?

Only dependants with an exemption can opt out of UHIP.

How do you use Uhip?

How it works:

  1. Under UHIP, if you need emergency service, you will have to pay the hospital or medical provider directly.
  2. Always make sure to complete a claim form and get the original receipts for your medical expenses.
  3. You will need to send these documents to Sun Life for reimbursement.

How do you reimburse Uhip?

How to submit a UHIP claim

  1. Get a claim form.
  2. Section 1 – 2: Complete the details in full.
  3. Section 3: Check box 1 if you paid for the medical service and have a bill.
  4. Section 4: Fill in the Facility/Provider details.
  5. Section 5: Fill in your medical service details.

What is UHIP fee?


Sept. 1, 2021 to Aug. 31, 2022 Monthly Annual
For the student $63.00 $756.00
For one dependent $63.00 $756.00
For two or more dependents $126.00 $1,512.00

Do I need UHIP?

Coverage under UHIP is mandatory. It is up to each University to define short-term. Coverage begins on the date you arrive in Canada, and must run a minimum two weeks and a maximum three months. Visitors staying more than three months must register for UHIP coverage.

How do I claim UHIP?

UHIP Members: From your University email account, you can email us your claim form and receipts to [email protected]. Email subject line should include: #50150 and the UHIP Member ID. Health Care Providers: Email us the claim form and receipts to [email protected]. ONLY one member claim per email.

How do you reimburse UHIP?

How do you use UHIP?