What does Guyana coat of arm represent?

What does Guyana coat of arm represent?

The Guyana Coat of Arms includes a crest of an Amerindian head-dress symbolizing the indigenous people of the country. This crest is also called the Cacique’s Crown. The two diamonds at the sides of the crown represent the mining industry. The three blue wavy lines represent the three main rivers of Guyana.

What does Guyana motto mean?

One People, One Nation, One Destiny
Motto: “One People, One Nation, One Destiny”

What are the three national symbols of Guyana?

Guyana’s symbols of nationhood represent the fact that it is a nation which has attained independence. The symbols are: the National Flag (the Golden Arrowhead), the National Coat-of-Arms, the National Pledge, the National Motto and the Arms of the President.

What is the name of the national symbol of Guyana?

Canje Pheasant
The Canje Pheasant or Hoatzin is considered a national symbol of Guyana. This bird can be found throughout the year in areas along the banks of the Berbice River and its tributary, the Canje Creek, and to some extent, on the Abary, Mahaicony and Mahaica Rivers.

What is Guyana national flower?

Victoria amazonica
Victoria amazonica is a species of flowering plant, the largest of the water lily family Nymphaeaceae. It is the national flower of Guyana. Its native regions are Guyana and tropical South America….Victoria amazonica.

Queen Victoria’s water lily
Order: Nymphaeales
Family: Nymphaeaceae
Genus: Victoria
Species: V. amazonica

What is the name of the bird on the coat of arms?

The birds represented on the Coat of Arms are the scarlet ibis, the cocrico (native to Tobago) and the hummingbird. The three ships represent the Trinity as well as the three ships of Columbus.

What is the national fruit of Guyana?

COCO, water-nut, the tropical nut–whatever nickname you may call it–coconut is no stranger to Guyanese. No matter where you go in our country, even in the most urbanised parts, you will find coconut trees. Almost every part of the coconut tree is useful.