Who was father of premnath?

Who was father of premnath?

Adiraj Malhotra and Arjun Malhotra are the sons of Kailash Nath. His sister Krishna married Raj Kapoor while his other sister Uma was married to veteran Hindi Film actor Prem Chopra. His brothers Rajendra Nath and Narendra Nath were also actors who mostly appeared in comic and supporting roles.

At what age actor Premnath died?

65 years (1926–1992)Prem Nath / Age at death

Who is Prem Nath wife?

Bina RaiPrem Nath / Wife (m. 1952–1992)Bina Rai, sometimes referred to as Beena Rai, was an Indian actress, primarily of the black and white era of Hindi cinema. She is most known for her roles in classics such as Anarkali, Ghunghat and Taj Mahal, and won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her performance in Ghunghat. Wikipedia

Who is the brother of Prem Nath?

Rajendra Nath
Narendra NathKrishna KapoorUma Chopra
Prem Nath/Siblings

How is Akanksha Malhotra related to Kapoor family?

Niece of actor Rajiv Kapoor. Cousin of Ranbir Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor.

How old is premnath?

How is Krishna Kapoor related to Prem Chopra?

Prem Chopra married Uma, who is the younger sister of Krishna Kapoor, Prem- nath and Rajendranath in 1969 and they have three daughters: Rakita, Punita and Prerana.

Who is the daughter of Prem Chopra?

Prerana Chopra
Punita ChopraRakita Chopra
Prem Chopra/Daughters

Is Rohit Roy related to Prem Chopra?

Roy is related to Chopra as his brother-in-law, actor Sharman Joshi is married to Chopra’s daughter, Prerana. Sharing some details, Rohit told a news portal that they both are fine and are responding well to the medicines.

Is Prem Chopra related to Rishi Kapoor?

Prem Chopra, who is Rishi Kapoor’s uncle, recently expressed his sadness over not attending the 102 Not Out actor’s funeral. The veteran star recalled how Rishi had attended his birthday bash last year after returning from the United States. The actor further mentioned talking to Rishi’s wife, Neetu, after his demise.

What is the meaning of the name Vishwanath?

Name Vishwanath or ( Vishwanath) means God of universe, Lord, Vishnu; The lord. Person with name Vishwanath are famous name among crowd. In this respect, people with this name can be called lucky. A general affectionate nature makes these people special. Their hearts ache for poor and backward people.

Is Premnath a hero or a villain?

Premnath wanted to be a hero like his BIL Raj Kapoor. But couldn’t really make it. This movie marks the second phase of his career. as a character actor and villain. The really shone this time. the villain. Subhash Ghai can and did. in Vishwanath a 1978 offering.

Why did Vishwanath decide to change his identity?

After his release from prison, Vishwanath decides to seek vengeance, but finds out that it is virtually impossible to do this through due process of law. So he decides to change his identity, hire a gang of crooks and assassins, to carry out his vendetta.

What is the plot of Vishwanath?

An honest lawyer, Vishwanath is implicated and imprisoned at the behest of powerful underworld don, GNK and his associates. After his release from prison, Vishwanath decides to seek vengeance, but finds out that it is virtually impossible to do this through due process of law.