What does a tail lift do?

What does a tail lift do?

A tail lift is a mechanically operated platform mounted on a vehicle for the purpose of loading and unloading that vehicle, by raising or lowering loads between the level of the body of the vehicle and the ground. Loads are commonly placed on pallets to facilitate them being moved by using a pallet truck.

How much weight can a tail lift take?

The maximum weight for a tail- lift delivery is 1000kg. We can only use a tail-lift on level ground, not slopes. Deliveries can only be made on hard, even ground. We cannot pull over gravel, loose stones, cobbles or grass.

Who invented the tail lift?

In the early years, trucks were loaded and unloaded by hand. That meant two men to every truck. In the 1980s, a German company called Teha developed the first tail lift, driven by an electric motor….The first tail lift.

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How big is a tail-lift?


Payload: 2500KG Metric Imperial
Overall Length 7.9 Metres 26ft
Overall Height 3.6 Metres 11ft – 10in
Overall Width 2.3 Metres 7ft – 7in
Cubic Capacity 33.9 M3 111 ft3

How often should you service a tail lift?

every six months
How often does my tail lift need servicing? Generally at least every six months, although this timescale may need to be reduced if the tail lift is heavily used or damaged. Your tail lift manufacturer should be able to advise.

Is a tail lift weight test a legal requirement?

Whilst this is not a legal requirement, all tail lift manufacturers recommend at least one weight test per year, and also after a tail lift has had major work undertaken. This helps determine that the tail lift can actually lift the weight that it was designed to. Aim for at least one weight test per year. …

How long is a Luton tail lift?


Payload: 800KG Metric Imperial
Load Height 2.2 Metres 7ft – 2in
Load Width 2.0 Metres 6ft – 8in
Overall Length 6.7 Metres 22ft
Overall Height 3.1 Metres 10ft – 5in