What is cutoff for Vit Pune?

What is cutoff for Vit Pune?


S.NO COURSES JEE Main 2021 Round 1 Cut Off
1. Computer engineering 923
2. Mechanical engineering 7742
3. Chemical engineering 13773
4. Information technology 1097

Is Vit Pune worth?

VIT Pune is the top private college because of good placements. Placements: Almost 100% of the students from our branch got placement. For other branches, the placements are quite good. The average salary package offered ranges between 10-15 LPA.

How is it Branch in Vit Pune?

Placements: Almost 90% of the students from our course got placed. I was in the Information Technology branch, and it has good hype in the job field. Students need a good amount of package, so it is good. The highest salary package offered is 12 LPA.

Does Vit Pune accept MHT CET?

Admissions to the program are done through JEE Main or MHT CET entrance test followed by state-level counseling. The institute has a total intake of 160 students for its B. Tech program. The institute also accepts B.

Which is better Vit Pune or MIT Pune?

Based on the above discussion it is safe to say VIT Pune is the better option for CS….Which college is better for CS, MIT Pune or VIT Pune.

Particulars VIT Pune MIT Pune
Average CTC 5.7 LPA 3.20 LPA
Highest CTC 54.3 LPA 37.26 LPA
Course fee 7.16 lakhs 12.40 lakhs

Does VIT Pune have hostel?

The College doesn’t have its own hostel but a third party manages a hostel where only vishwakarma students are allowed to stay ( balaji boys hostel, sukhsagar).

Can you change branch in VIT Pune?

Students may enlist up to five # choices of branch as the case may be in order of preference, to which they wish to change over. It will not be permissible to alter the choices after the application has been submitted. Change of branch shall be made strictly on the basis of inter se merit of the applicants.

How to find vit Pune cut offs for 2022?

Every year VIT Pune admissions are conducted for the students on the basis of cut off declared by VIT Pune. At Shiksha.com you can find VIT Pune 2022 cut offs, for all 19 courses offered by the college. Cut off data available on Shiksha will help you to apply for B.E. / B.Tech,M.E./M.Tech,MCA,Ph.D. courses in VIT Pune

How good is the vit Pune for Computer Science?

VIT is one of the best colleges. Placements: The placement rate of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, is very good. The reason behind this is more than 350 companies visit this college every year to offer placements and internships.

What is the procedure to get admission in vit Pune?

Also known as BRACT’s Vishwakarma Institute of Technology and VIT Pune. One needs to take the MHT-CET exam (also called MH-CET exam) or JEE Main exam. Admissions are done on the basis of rank in MHT-CET through MHT CET Counselling. For All India seats, admissions are done on the basis of rank in JEE Main through MHT CET Counselling.

What is the use of cut off data available on Shiksha?

Cut off data available on Shiksha will help you to apply for B.E. / B.Tech,M.E./M.Tech,MCA,Ph.D. courses in VIT Pune Download cutoffs for all courses of this college.