What can you do with Liquid Sculpey?

What can you do with Liquid Sculpey?

Fill a mold halfway with Liquid Sculpey® Clear and bake it, then place your object, fill the mold to the top and then bake again. Create mixed-media projects in layers using different objects and effects. Glaze polymer clay: Use liquid clay as a bonded glaze on your baked polymer clay projects.

How do you thin out Liquid Sculpey?

Add a few drops of this polymer clay softener into firm clay and thoroughly knead into the clay to make it soft and supple. Works great to thin out Liquid Sculpey® if it gets too thick. Simply add a few drops and gently stir. Twist cap for precise flow control.

Can you use water to smooth Sculpey clay?

With other types of clay, you may need to keep adding water because they can dry out, but Sculpey polymer clay stays workable and soft so that you can focus on creating jewelry or perfecting your craft. In fact, you should not use water on Sculpey or with polymer clay, as it can make the clay brittle.

Does translucent liquid Sculpey bake clear?

But most polymer clay people have called it TLS for “translucent liquid Sculpey.” It’s a drippy, syrupy liquid that’s slightly grainy and cloudy. It does not bake clear and can be quite opaque when thick.

How do you soften translucent polymer clay?

How to Soften Polymer Clay that is old

  1. The best option is to add a few drops of translucent liquid polymer clay.
  2. You can also use mineral oil, baby oil, Sculpey Clay Softener or Fimo Quick Mix.

What can I use to color liquid polymer clay?

If you want translucent colors, you want to use Clear Liquid Sculpey® as your base and translucent colors to tint the clay with: I used alcohol inks to do that. In the picture you can see some of my samples. Try out the alcohol inks you already have with clear liquid clay and see what colors you can come up with!

Can you paint Liquid Sculpey?

General Information: Transparent Liquid Sculpey (TLS) is a liquid form of polymer clay that is transparent when baked. TLS can be used alone to make image transfers, or it can be tinted to use as a ìpaintî on regular polymer clay.

How do you soften liquid Sculpey?

In general, the basic procedure is to chop up the clay in tiny bits (with a blade, crumble it up, or use an old thrift store food processor). Then add some Sculpey Clay Softener, mineral or baby oil , or liquid polymer clay to it. Mix it up, put it in a ziploc sandwich bag, and leave it alone for a few days.