What calculator can you play Tetris on?

What calculator can you play Tetris on?

While these functions are interesting, another feature of the TI-84 Plus is its ability to play video games. Using the graphing calculator, you can play games such as Tetris. In order to play games, you need to install a couple of files onto the TI-84 Plus.

Can a TI 30xiis graph?

The Dallas Texas-based computer technology and semiconductor company Texas Instruments produces both the TI-30X IIS scientific calculator and the TI-83 Plus graphing calculator. Of the two, the TI-83 Plus offers more advanced features and can provide visualizations of mathematical concepts.

How do you use the Ti 30 Multiview calculator?

† The TI-30 MultiView calculator evaluates expressions entered with F and a from left to right in both Classic and MathPrint modes. Pressing 3 F F is calculated as (32)2= 81. † The base and the exponent may be either positive or negative.

What is the TI-30XS MultiView activities section?

The Activitiessection is a collection of activities for integrating the TI-30XS MultiView into mathematics instruction. The How to use the TI-30XS MultiView calculatorsection is designed to help you teach students how to use the calculator. Each section uses the default settings, including the MathPrint™ mode, unless indicated otherwise. Activities

What is included in the TI-30X II s (or B) calculator package?

Included in this package is 5 double sided worksheets that can be used to teach and/or reinforce skills necessary to use a TI-30X II S (or B) calculator. This is a great tool to review all of the features available for student use prior to standardized testing. The handouts not only show the stude.

How do you print decimals on a ti 30xs?

† In MathPrint™ mode, include a decimal number inside the expression with pi to receive a decimal output. For example, if you enter 2À, the TI-30XS MultiView™ calculator displays 2À. If you enter 2.0À, the calculator displays the decimal version, 6.28319.