How do you get to stros M Kai treasure map?

How do you get to stros M Kai treasure map?

Use the nearest Port Hunding Wayshrine, and head southwest until you reach a small island Pillar of the Singing Sun. In the center of the island you will see a small tent and palm trees. The buried treasure is hidden between rocks, right behind the palm trees.

Where is the Stormhaven treasure?

Stormhaven CE Treasure Map South of Pariah Abbey Wayshrine, in the Stormchewer Goblin Camp. Traveling SE from Pariah Catacombs to fork in the road, look under a huge tree north of where roads meet.

Where is stros M Kai?

Stros M’Kai (Yoku: Sanloa M’Kai/Sister of Thought [UL 1]) is an island territory located on the eastern Abecean Sea near the mainland regions of Khefrem and Hew’s Bane. The island has been important to the Kingdoms of Hammerfell as well as the Empires of Cyrodiil.

What is treasure map CE?

CE Treasure maps are one time use only and provide you with random rewards (greens to blues) that might be of use to you (rewards also do not scale with level). You must own the map to see a Dirt Mound at the marked spot with the option to dig. Interacting with it will reveal a chest and consume your treasure map.

Where is Port Hunding point of interest?

Port Hunding is a city on the island of Stros M’Kai, Hammerfell.

Where is Stormhaven eso?

Stormhaven is a grassy, lowland zone in south-central High Rock. Wayrest, the capital of the Daggerfall Covenant and home to High King Emeric, is located in southern Stormhaven in the region of Menevia. Economically, Stormhaven is one of the wealthiest and prosperous in all of Tamriel.

Where is Daggerfall?

Daggerfall is the largest city-state in Glenumbra. It is located in the southern part of Glenumbra, and is ruled by King Casimir. If aligned with the Daggerfall Covenant, the Vestige awakens in Daggerfall after escaping Coldharbour. Like Wayrest, Daggerfall is split into districts.

How do I disable Bhoseks guard?

Bhosek has gone back inside to sleep of the attention of the two lovely ladies. Enter the palace again and go upstairs to find the lockbox guarded by Helthar. Use the Dwemer device from Neramo on him to disable him and he’ll fall to the floor in a second.

Where is Auridon eso?

Auridon is a zone in The Elder Scrolls Online and is the second-largest island in the Summerset Isles, located to the east of Summerset and to the north of Artaeum.

Where is hammerfell?

Hammerfell is one of, if not the harshest desert in Tamriel. It is home to the Redguard and is found on the west side of Tamriel, bordering Skyrim, Cyrodiil and High Rock.

What are ESO Stros M’Kai treasure maps?

Stros M’Kai Treasure Maps for Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are special consumables that lead the player to treasure chests. This ESO Stros M’Kai Treasure Map Guide has maps for all of the treasure locations in this region. You can click the map to open it to full size. The links below will open a page that displays all known info about that map.

Where can I find the Stros m’Kai treasure?

For more detailed instructions and exact map coordinates on how to find each Stros M’Kai treasure see below: Treasure Map I – 54×63 – South from Saintsport Wayshrine near the lighthouse.

Where are the treasure maps in Fortnite?

Treasure Map II – 10×62 – Southwest from Port Hunding Wayshrine at the center of a small island. Collector’s Edition Map – 70×32 – North from Percolating Mire Wayshrine at the base of a huge tree.