What are the stats for tyreek Hill?

What are the stats for tyreek Hill?

WRTE Career

2019 Kansas City Chiefs 860
2020 Kansas City Chiefs 1276
2021 Kansas City Chiefs 1239
TOTAL 6630

How many dropped passes did tyreek Hill have in 2020?

Second, yes, Mahomes could’ve thrown a better ball Sunday before Surtain intercepted it, but it’s a pass Hill has made a career out of catching. And suddenly, he’s not. He has nine drops this season, per Pro Football Focus.

How many passes did tyreek Hill drop?

13 dropped passes
PFF Fantasy Football on Twitter: “Tyreek Hill had 13 dropped passes this season 2nd most in the NFL ✌️ https://t.co/6zTckgl9SJ” / Twitter.

How many touchdowns does tyreek Hill have?

Hill has 443 receptions for 6,246 receiving yards and 55 receiving touchdowns in 84 career games, already off to one of the best starts for a wide receiver in league history.

What is Tyreek Hill’s 40 yard?

4.29 secondsTyreek Hill / 40 yard dash time

Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver But at the West Alabama Pro Day, multiple scouts clocked HIll at a 4.29 40-yard dash. No defensive back has a chance against his speed in the NFL today, making him a matchup nightmare.

How many drops does Tyreek Hill have 2021?

Over at NBC Sports, they also list dropped passes, at least among league leaders, and they have Tyreek Hill credited with five drops to lead the team (and to sit just behind Keenan Allen for most in the AFC).

How many drops did CeeDee Lamb have?

Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb: “I played terrible, to be honest. I feel like I could play better. I had three drops, something like that. I feel like I could’ve played better.”

How many drops does tyreek Hill have 2021?

Does Tyreek Hill hold any records?

Hill now has 110 receptions this season, which is far more than any wide receiver in Chiefs history. Jeremy Maclin is second with 87. Hill also had 87 receptions in 2018 and 2020. While Kelce gave up a record, he picked up another.