Is revenue stamp required for receipt?

Is revenue stamp required for receipt?

If the cash payment is greater than Rs 5,000 per receipt, a revenue stamp is required. If your yearly rent payment exceeds Rs 1 lakh or Rs 8,300 per month, you must provide the landlord’s PAN.

What amount of revenue stamp should be affixed on a rental receipt?

Rs 5,000
According to the amendment of Schedule I to the Indian Stamp Act 1899, affix a revenue stamp of Re 1 value in the rent receipt wherein cash payment exceeds Rs 5,000.

What is purpose of revenue stamp?

A revenue stamp, tax stamp, duty stamp or fiscal stamp is a (usually) adhesive label used to collect taxes or fees on documents, tobacco, alcoholic drinks, drugs and medicines, playing cards, hunting licenses, firearm registration, and many other things.

How can I get revenue stamp?

You can visit the nearest post office to get the revenue stamps for just Re 1/–. Alternatively, you can get the revenue stamps from stationery shops, amazon, local vendors, and even paan shops in several parts of the country. However, they might charge you extra price for the same.

Can HRA be claimed if not mentioned in Form 16?

If HRA is not mentioned in Form 16, that means your employer has not provided a separate component of HRA. HRA u/s 10(13A) can be claimed when the employer gives a separate component towards HRA. In the absence of it, you can claim for rent paid under Section 80GG.

Where can you find revenue stamps?

Can we sell revenue stamp?

Meanwhile, postal department officials said that revenue stamps were available only in post offices and not in shops or on court premises. However, a number of shopkeepers purchase these stamps from the post office and sell them for a profit. The revenue stamp of Rs 1 is generally sold for double the price in shops.

What is cost of revenue stamp?

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