What is a VW Westy?

What is a VW Westy?

The VW Westfalia, often referred to as the “Westy,” is a Volkswagen bus converted into a campervan by the German RV company, Westfalia-Werke. In the 1960s, the Volkswagen Van became a popular choice of transportation for the “Hippy Generation,” becoming an icon of the American counterculture movement.

How much is a Vanagon worth?

In the $22,000-$30,000 range, your Vanagon should be good to go with only the normal care and feeding. At over $30,000, the van should be in extremely clean condition and likely have an upgraded engine or similar. In all cases, you should expect to add $10,000-15,000 for a Syncro.

Are Westfalia vans 4wd?

To ward off any potential size envy, Westfalia added available 4×4 and off-road accessories to the Düsseldorf show model. All of these options are available on all three James Cook vans, making Westfalia’s latest van as adventurous and boundless as virtually any camper van out there.

When did VW stop making campervans?

First manufactured in Germany in 1949, the vans have been made and assembled in four continents at various times since. Now they are produced only in Brazil, and the last van will be completed on December 31, 2013.

When did they stop making Westfalias?

Volkswagen Westfalia Camper was a conversion of Volkswagen Type 2 and then Volkswagen Type 2 (T3) sold from the early 1950s to 2003.

How long do Vanagon engines last?

1980-1983: The Vanagon was introduced in 1980 with the same air-cooled, 2000cc EFI engine that was used in the last of the Buses. The engine was simply not up to the task of pushing around an even bigger, heavier box. Typical engine life is about 90,000 miles.

Are vanagons AWD?

The Syncro in the name denotes this Vanagon has a four-wheel-drive system, and the 16″ model has further upgrades like a reinforced chassis, three locking differentials, and larger brakes, according to Bring a Trailer. Power comes from a four-cylinder turbodiesel that runs through a four-speed manual gearbox.

What is a VW Syncro?

Syncro is Volkswagen’s name for any of its vehicles using their Syncro AWD (All Wheel Drive) system. It’s also fitted to some VW cars as well as the later FWD T4 Transporter, but was first introduced around 1985. The term ‘Syncro’ evidently refers to synchronisation of the front and rear wheels…

How much does a VW Westfalia camper cost?

This 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia camper is listed for sale in Los Angeles, CA for $33,000. The owner reports a full restoration of this well-maintained Westy in 2013. Full service records are available from the restoration and maintenance This 1971 Volkswagen Bus Camper is listed for sale in Michigan for $29,500.

Does gowesty do vehicle restorations?

GoWesty stopped doing vehicle restorations about a decade ago in order to focus our efforts on the greatest good for the greatest number of van owners instead. To that end, we repurposed our limited space on the GoWesty campus from working on vans to working on solutions for vans.

How much is a 1986 Vanagon camper Syncro worth?

vans for sale 1986 Vanagon Camper Syncro $42,000 AS IS- Sold! Hard to fine a stock well preserved Syncro! Locally owned right here in Chico, CA. Download the current inspection report and estimates below. Call Brian at 925-980-0484 for details.

How much does a 1991 VW Westfalia Vanagon cost?

This 1991 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon is listed for sale in Aurora, Colorado for $40,000. Some nice modern mechanical upgrades have been performed on this white Westy with a gray interior. Though listed mileage is high at 250,863, a GoWesty