Is it difficult to get into Rice University?

Is it difficult to get into Rice University?

How Difficult Is It to Get into Rice? It is extremely difficult to gain acceptance at Rice University, even as a qualified candidate. Of the 20,923 applicants who applied last cycle, only 2,328 gained admission, giving the school an admissions rate of 11%.

What is the acceptance rate for Rice University?

8.7% (2020)

Does Rice University have supplemental essays?

If you’ve already written supplemental essays for your college applications, chances are you’ve written some version of most of Rice’s prompts below. Before you begin writing, you may want to get deeper insights into the kind of student Rice is looking for, and how it views itself.

Is Rice University a prestigious school?

The latest: U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 Best Colleges, released September 14, anoints Rice as the best university in Texas. The prestigious Houston school — dubbed the “Ivy League of the South” — ranks No. 16 among national universities, up one spot from last year.

What GPA is required for rice?


Does Rice University require essays?

Writing and essay sections: The ACT Essay and SAT Writing section are not required and not considered for admission. Rice’s College Board code, including TOEFL, is 6609 and our ACT code is 4152.

Is a 4.11 GPA good?

Is a 4.1 GPA good? This GPA is outside of the normal 4.0 range of unweighted GPAs, meaning your school measures GPA on a weighted scale. A 4.1 is a very good GPA. It means that you’ve either been taking the most difficult classes and earning mostly Bs or you’ve been taking mid level classes and earning As.

What is a 73 grade?

The 4.0 Scale

Percent Grade Letter Grade 4.0 Scale
80-82 B- 2.7
77-79 C+ 2.3
73-76 C 2.0
70-72 C- 1.7

What is a 4.11 GPA?

GPA Conversion Table

4.0 Scale 4.3 Scale 100 Points Scale
3.80 ~ 3.83 4.08 ~ 4.11 96
3.75 ~ 3.79 4.03 ~ 4.07 95
3.71 ~ 3.74 3.98 ~ 4.02 94
3.67 ~ 3.70 3.93 ~ 3.97 93