How much does dining table cost in India?

How much does dining table cost in India?

Dining Tables & Sets Price List

Category Name Starting From
6 Seater Dining Table Sets ₹9,749
Folding Dining Table Sets ₹21,147
2 & 3 Seater Dining Table Sets ₹3,899
8 Seater Dining Table Sets ₹55,141

Which wood is good for dining table in India?

Several hardwoods like oak, mahogany, teak, sheesham, and many others are considered best for creating a wood dining table. Solid wood always proffers warmth and vivacity to the room decor.

Which glass is better for dining table?

A thinner glass is known to give a more delicate and sophisticated look, while a thicker one is admired for its durability and heavy use. In case of a wooden dining table, a clear glass top with lesser thickness of 6 or 8mm preferably tempered is fine as compared to a top with metal or wooden frame.

Which is better wood or glass?

Both are practical, offering a solid surface for your dining room or conference table. The safety of wooden furniture is an advantage over glass. A wood table is less prone to breakage; however, it can chip or splinter just like glass. If you go with a glass table make sure it is tempered.

Is a glass table Safe?

Many households harbor a threat to young children that safety regulations, surprisingly, have overlooked: glass-topped tables and tables with glass panels. The shattered glass — or jagged edges of broken tables — can cause severe lacerations, leaving disfiguring scars and damaging tendons and nerves.

What is the price of glass dining table in India?

I. – Glass Dining Table is sold by Set. – Most of the products of Glass Dining Table ranges from Rs 5300 to 85000 per Set. Glass Dining Table Price Range.

What is the best set of dining table to buy?

Highest-selling dining table sets such as the Cambrey 4 Seater dining table chairs, Jaoquin 6 Seater dining set, Cohoon 4 Seater dining sets are the uniquely designed pattern at Wooden Street. Designer dining table sets such as the Terex and Ralph 2 Seater dining set bestows a lavish look onto the interior of the room.

Where can I buy wooden dining table chairs online in India?

Wooden Street has an astounding collection of designer dining sets online in lustrous finishes. You can find the best design of wooden dining table chairs online in India for your dining room in just a few clicks, on Wooden Street’s website.

How many chairs are there in a glass dining table?

It is glass dining table for 8 people and contains glass dining sets 8 chairs. It can be easily designed in any seating capacity and shape. Modern glass dining set specially Black glass dining set and white glass dining set enhances the sophisticated design and look of the dining room.